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Great Food Gluten And Dairy Free – 125 Delicious Allergy-Friendly Recipes

Big News!  Over the years that I have been writing here on Allergy Free Test Kitchen I was also busy creating and writing a cookbook and it is now available for anyone!  It is on Amazon as a paperback and on Kindle, but they are currently listed separately. This book is literally FOR ANYONE despite the title!  It has 125 delicious recipes (my kid eats every one!) in categories breakfast, soups/casseroles, meat entrees, vegetables/sides, and sweet treats! All recipes are 100% gluten, dairy, soy, and corn free.  No refined sugars are used either.  Only a few use eggs and only … Continue reading

Tater Tot Casserole—Free of Gluten, Milk, Egg, Corn, Soy

What do you want most for dinner on a cold night after a long day? I don’t know about you, but I want comfort food. And I want it to be easy. And delicious. So every now and then, I pull out an old index card with a handwritten recipe on it. Something from days gone by. That something…..the old tater tot casserole. Who doesn’t love tater tots!?!?!?!? Thankfully, you can find allergy free tater tots. I have found brand name and store brand tater tots to either have milk, gluten or corn in them. But, surprisingly, not at Aldi! … Continue reading

Mexican Bean Baked Casserole

Making a casserole is a once in a while thing in my house. I have made this Mexican Bean Baked Casserole a handful of times and thought I would pass it on. It refrigerates well and reheats well, so it works for leftovers. I always love to have leftovers…makes lunch the next day, EASY! The recipe is flexible. Love cheese? Or should I say Daiya? Load it up. Not so much…go skimpy. Same thing goes with a lot of the other ingredients.  I use these homemade tortillas in the recipe. I like to top my piece with some dairy free … Continue reading

“Can” of Cream of Celery Soup

The “can” of cream of mushroom soup post continues to one of my most popular.  And while it doesn’t get the same kind of attention, there is also a “can” of cream of chicken soup post.  One can also make a “can” of cream of celery soup.  This is for using in casseroles or slow cooker recipes.  It is not meant to be eaten as is.   All the steps are the same as the cream of chicken and cream of mushroom recipes.  Simply replace the mushrooms or chicken with 1 ½ cups chopped celery.  Make sure to sauté it … Continue reading

How To Make A “Can” Of Condensed Cream Of Mushroom Soup – Photo Tutorial

It took me two and half years to make Ranch dressing and it has also been that long since I ate a casserole that was made with a can of cream of mushroom soup.  I guess I did not miss it that much, as my cooking has changed and evolved into a healthier diet since those days. However, my sudden desire to make the classic Tater Tot Casserole had me hunting for a recipe to make my own “can” of condensed cream of mushroom soup.  I found these steps and customized them from a Living Without magazine. I thought it would … Continue reading

Chili Mac Bake-For Meatlovers or Vegans, Allergy Free Or Not

Can you say “YUM?”  Yep, this is super yummy.  You can make this Chili Mac Bake meat lovers way or vegan style.  I have made it both ways and both ways were super good.  In fact it can also be made allergy free or not.  This recipe fits anyone’s diet or preferences. Here is a picture of the vegan version of Chili Mac Bake.   Besides being delish and comfort food this is easy to put together.  When you are meal planning you can plan two meals at once.  I suggest you make a double batch of chili one night.  And then with … Continue reading

The Best Beef Stew

When you get tired of all the Christmas sweets and foods, you can make this down home, comfort food beef stew. This beef stew is the best one I ever ate.  Once I made this I have not gone back to any of my old stew recipes.   It has fast become a favorite.  And I think it will for you too. Make this stew on a day when you are home in the afternoon and on a chilly day.  It takes about three hours in the oven.  It’s a perfect way to warm up the house and your insides. What … Continue reading

Pork Chop Suey + Coconut Aminos Explanation/Product Review

I cook a lot of stir fry meals.  I kind of always did, but probably a bit more now.  As long as you use a safe sauce or make your own, they are usually a naturally allergy friendly meal when served over brown rice or quinoa.   This “Pork Chop Suey” recipe does not make for a pretty picture, but does make a good meal.  I used coconut aminos in place of the soy sauce and then it was free of the top eight food allergens.  Coconut aminos are a great substitute for soy sauce or Worcestershire sauce.  It tastes similar to … Continue reading

Mashed Potato Bake

Mashed potato bake is an easy way to serve potatoes during the holidays.  Why?  Because you can prepare it a couple of days in advance and then just warm them up before serving.  This came in very handy for me at Thanksgiving.  I made the potatoes two days in advance and then they warmed in the oven while I carved the turkey.  It was way less hectic in the kitchen and I didn’t have to peel, cook and mash the potatoes all while doing the other last minute things like vegetables and so on.  This would also be a wonderful dish … Continue reading

Simple Taco Casserole

Do you like Mexican food?  How about casseroles?  How about a Mexican food casserole?  Today I bring you a casserole that is easily made allergy friendly.  So this is a recipe for anyone!  Make it the original way or make it the allergy friendly way!    I adapted this from Betty Crocker’s Cookbook using Wayfare dairy and soy free sour cream and Daiya Cheddar Style Shreds for the cheese. If you can tolerate milk products, go ahead and use them. This is a simple dish to put together and can go from counter top to table top in about 40 minutes! … Continue reading

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