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Pillsbury Gluten Free Multi-Purpose Gluten Free Flour Blend-A REVIEW

So, I’m pretty fussy about my gluten free flours.  And you should be too!  Don’t settle on your flours.  They can make or break your recipe! So, I’m here to inform you that you can save your money and NOT BUY the Pillsbury Gluten Free Multi-Purpose Gluten Free Flour Blend. This blend simply does not work.  I couldn’t get it to work with several different types of recipes.  Recipes that are tried and true turned into flops! The blend is made of rice flour (package doesn’t say what kind of rice flour), potato starch, pea fiber (I’ve not seen that … Continue reading

Udi’s Gluten Free Thin & Crispy Pizza Crusts

Disclaimer:  I was not asked to write this nor was I compensated. I pretty much skip over the gluten free sections of grocery stores and stick to naturally gluten free foods.  Or I make it myself.  It is more cost efficient and much healthier. However, I did feel like giving these Udi’s Thin & Crispy Pizza Crusts a try. They are gluten free, as well as soy, nut and dairy free!  They do contain eggs.  The top 3 ingredients in the list are water, tapioca starch and brown rice flour, then all the typical processed food type ingredients. Two come … Continue reading

25 Tips For Better Grilling

As I stand in my back yard I can see the back yards of 5 houses. It’s not optimum, but it is what it is. What I find odd, very strange actually, is that none of these people grill their meals. Like ever. We have a least 7 months where weather permits us to grill and I never see anyone grilling. And I’m outdoors a lot. It seems strange to me because grilling is such an easy way to prepare meals. Not only is it easy, it’s usually fast and healthy. Not to mention it’s very easy to make gluten … Continue reading

Almond Meal vs. Blanched Almond Flour

Many gluten free bakers and Paleo diet followers use blanched almond flour in their baked goods. I always find this intriguing, but also cost-prohibitive as blanched almond flour is expensive. Blanched almond flour is almonds without their skins ground up into a fine flour. Almond meal is ground up almonds with their skins on and is a course meal. There is a difference in how the two perform and usually cannot be used interchangeably. Almond meal is $5.99 for a 16 oz. bag at Trader Joe’s. Almond flour usually runs around $13-15 dollars for a 16 oz. bag. I recently … Continue reading

Mylan, Disney, Grilling Marinade and 3 Dip Recipes

I have some exciting news to share! But first, let me tell you about Mylan and Disney. Well, everyone knows about Disney! Mickey Mouse, theme parks, you know. Mylan is a pharmaceutical company; creators of the Epi-Pen. Mylan and Disney have formed an alliance to make Disney parks and cruise ships just a little more allergy friendly. For those with life threatening food allergies, taking any sort of trip is scary and carrying an Epi-Pen Auto Injector to treat potential anaphylaxis is a must! With this alliance in place, starting at the end of 2014, there are now Epi-Pen locations … Continue reading

Eight Ways To Flavor Your Drinking Water Naturally

Water is the best way to stay hydrated. After all, the human body is comprised of almost 60% water. But don’t reach for those sports drinks or flavored water beverages just yet. I’ve been “playing” with my water lately and have come up with several ways to flavor my water naturally without artificial colors and flavors. This list is in order of least favorite to most favorite. Essential Oil Peppermint Water:   Fill a large glass with water and add one drop of essential oil of peppermint. Adding more than one and you will sting your lips. If you let the … Continue reading

French Fries Using Different Vegetables

July is the month to celebrate the French Fry! Did you know that? French Fries can be made out of vegetables other than potatoes. I’ve been serving up a variety of French Fries to the family for about two weeks practicing different types of fries. Turnip fries, rutabaga fries, sweet potato fries and the beloved potato fry. You can find my recipes for these fries by reading my article about French Fries over at My Life With Food Allergies. Click here to learn how. Also shared at Allergy Free Wednesday.

The Gluten Free Cheat Sheet Book Review

If you have read my blog, or my submissions for My Life With Food Allergies, you know that I really love cookbooks. Today I have the pleasure of reviewing The Gluten Free Cheat Sheet by April Peveteaux. I was given the book (for free), but the opinions are all my own (non-affiliate link). April Peveteaux writes with sass and humor. This book is part “how to go gluten free” and part cookbook. It is a must-read for the newly “going gluten free” person; anyone who needs to go gluten free whether due to Celiac, intolerance, wheat allergy, or auto-immune diseases … Continue reading

Quit Your Food Intolerances/Allergies With These 10 Tips

For me, changing my diet to exclude dairy, eggs, gluten, corn and refined sugars was not that hard. I wanted to feel better! And I would do anything to feel better!   However, I know statistically, that for many people quitting their food allergens or intolerances can be very difficult. In fact, we can actually be addicted to our food intolerances. Making a mind shift is necessary to quit certain foods. I wrote an article for My Life With Food Allergies listing 10 tips for quitting your “bad for you” foods. Click here to read it.

4 More Gluten Free Cookbooks Reviewed (Allergy Free Too!)

Need a new cookbook? Want inspiration? I have reviewed the cookbooks in the picture below. You can find this review at My Life With Food Allergies by clicking here. If you like cookbook reviews you may be interested in this article reviewing 5 cookbooks. Read a synopsis of 11 of my cookbooks here. Love ice cream?  Read a cookbook review of my favorite ice cream cookbook here. What is your favorite cookbook? Also shared at Allergy Free Wednesday.

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