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Chicken Pot Pie

Chicken Pot Pie.  Nothing says down home, comfort food like a pot pie.  And you can have it too!  Yep, that is right!  Even with food allergies one can enjoy this one dish meal.  Now it is a bit more work than buying a Marie Callender’s, but it is also way healthier!  Plus I think it is fun to make a pot pie and see the delight on the family faces at dinner time.  There is just something about a pot pie that makes people smile! My recipe for this pot pie was given to me by a friend when … Continue reading

Chicken a la King

When I first gave up dairy products, I thought I was giving up all things creamy or saucy.  It turns out that doesn’t have to be true.  But truthfully, after being dairy free for a while, one sort of loses that “desire” to have something creamy. Chicken a la King is an easy recipe that is easily adapted to be allergy free and it so happens it will give you that creamy consistency. Chicken a la King is known as a one dish meal consisting of chicken, mushrooms, pimentos and pepper served over rice or toast. But I wanted to know why … Continue reading

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