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Great Food Gluten And Dairy Free – 125 Delicious Allergy-Friendly Recipes

Big News!  Over the years that I have been writing here on Allergy Free Test Kitchen I was also busy creating and writing a cookbook and it is now available for anyone!  It is on Amazon as a paperback and on Kindle, but they are currently listed separately. This book is literally FOR ANYONE despite the title!  It has 125 delicious recipes (my kid eats every one!) in categories breakfast, soups/casseroles, meat entrees, vegetables/sides, and sweet treats! All recipes are 100% gluten, dairy, soy, and corn free.  No refined sugars are used either.  Only a few use eggs and only … Continue reading

Spinach and Bean Burritos

I am excited to share this recipe with you today as I don’t post new recipes as much as I used to. This is an old recipe that is coming out of retirement and getting a gluten free, dairy free makeover. (Originally, it came from some magazine…I have it cut out and taped to an index card). Years ago, I made this frequently and in my house it actually goes by a different name. It’s named after a kid who as an older baby/toddler would eat this like there was no tomorrow. Seriously, it was hilarious seeing a 13 month … Continue reading

Cuban Rice and Beans

We eat with our eyes first. That is why I’m hesitant to post the below picture. It is not the most appetizing looking meal. However, in this case a picture doesn’t say 1000 words. To be honest, I got eye rolls when I put this on the table. But I soon got, “wow, this is really good” and clean plates at the end of the meal. This Cuban Rice and Beans meal can be lumped into the “comfort food” category. Seriously, it has that down home, satisfying feeling. Another plus….it is cheap to make. After all, black beans are really … Continue reading

Three Bean Chili

I’m a sucker for soups. I love cooking them. Most soups require some pre-cooking the meat, or chopping vegetables or both. Most of the time I enjoy that. Sometimes I just want to open cans and dump them in a big pot. That is what today’s recipe is (mostly) like-fast, easy and tasty. This recipe makes a large batch. So I froze the leftovers in individual serving sizes to take out for lunch at a later time. Make some gluten free pasta, like penne or rotini, and serve the soup over that if you wish. It’s good either way, but … Continue reading

Mexican Bean Baked Casserole

Making a casserole is a once in a while thing in my house. I have made this Mexican Bean Baked Casserole a handful of times and thought I would pass it on. It refrigerates well and reheats well, so it works for leftovers. I always love to have leftovers…makes lunch the next day, EASY! The recipe is flexible. Love cheese? Or should I say Daiya? Load it up. Not so much…go skimpy. Same thing goes with a lot of the other ingredients.  I use these homemade tortillas in the recipe. I like to top my piece with some dairy free … Continue reading

Veggie Black Bean Soup Plus Six More Soup Recipes

Winter’s hanging on….and on….and on.  So soups are still on the menu here.  How about you? Today’s soup is chuck full of vegetables and black beans.  Add a little dairy free sour cream right before you eat it and it gets a little creamy.   So whether or you are a vegan, vegetarian or meat eater who enjoys a meatless meal now and then, this is a good soup for you. It is comfort food. It makes a lot, so I freeze some for a later day when I do not feel like cooking. You may be interested in these … Continue reading

Fast and Easy Black Bean Burger

Want an easy, quick way to make a vegan or vegetarian lunch or supper?  How about a black bean burger?   I never made a black bean burger before this attempt. Truthfully, I was hesitant.  However, I loved every bite of it!   Granted, it doesn’t taste like beef, but it was good.  I was satisfied.  I felt like I did my body something good. If you want to make this sandwich for yourself, you can get the recipe here.  (All I changed was to use gluten free rolled oats in place of instant oats).

Savory Butternut Squash Soup

Creamy. Savory. Simple. Delicious. Healthy. Allergy Free. You can have it all. I never tried a squash soup before and I shouldn’t have waited so long!  It is delicious!  And easy! Even meat lovers will find this soup satisfying.  Make it for lunch or supper on a chilly day.  It will warm you right up! After you cook your squash, you may have more squash than you need for the soup.  Use any extra squash in either this delicious Apple Pie Surprise Smoothie or Not Your Mama’s Chocolate Shake. Also shared at: Make Your Own Monday, Melt In Your Mouth … Continue reading

Garlic and Sage White Beans And Three Ways To Serve Them

I may have a vegan in the making on my hands.  Beans, a/k/a legumes, are a favorite source of protein much more than meat for someone in my house.  Good thing I cook both legumes and meat to hit all the preferences of my family. This recipe for garlic and sage white beans is super easy and very satisfying.  I found three ways to serve it.  One way is to put the beans on French bread for French bread pizza.   Another way to serve them is over a dark wild rice.  What a contrast between the white beans and dark … Continue reading

Chili Mac Bake-For Meatlovers or Vegans, Allergy Free Or Not

Can you say “YUM?”  Yep, this is super yummy.  You can make this Chili Mac Bake meat lovers way or vegan style.  I have made it both ways and both ways were super good.  In fact it can also be made allergy free or not.  This recipe fits anyone’s diet or preferences. Here is a picture of the vegan version of Chili Mac Bake.   Besides being delish and comfort food this is easy to put together.  When you are meal planning you can plan two meals at once.  I suggest you make a double batch of chili one night.  And then with … Continue reading

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