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Great Food Gluten And Dairy Free – 125 Delicious Allergy-Friendly Recipes

Big News!  Over the years that I have been writing here on Allergy Free Test Kitchen I was also busy creating and writing a cookbook and it is now available for anyone!  It is on Amazon as a paperback and on Kindle, but they are currently listed separately. This book is literally FOR ANYONE despite the title!  It has 125 delicious recipes (my kid eats every one!) in categories breakfast, soups/casseroles, meat entrees, vegetables/sides, and sweet treats! All recipes are 100% gluten, dairy, soy, and corn free.  No refined sugars are used either.  Only a few use eggs and only … Continue reading

Unusual Salad Dressing

I’m at a loss for words when it comes to naming this salad dressing. Maybe you all can suggest a good name for it? For now I’m settling on “unusual salad dressing.” Why? Because it is actually unusual tasting; in my book anyway. And oddly, it is kiddo’s VERY FAVORITE salad dressing of all time! Seriously, put on this homemade ranch dressing, or this Russian dressing, or bottled Italian dressing and we get very little salad in little person. However, if I make this one….down the hatchet it goes. Even seconds are sometimes requested. I’ve made this multiple ways using … Continue reading

Raw Broccoli Salad

I had a great restaurant experience not too long ago. We went to Sweet Tomatoes. For those unfamiliar, this restaurant has a large salad bar, soup bar, baked potato bar, bread bar, fruit bar and dessert bar. Even better, they have gluten free and vegan (milk and egg free) dishes and they are clearly labeled. Could I eat EVERYTHING? No, but I ate plenty. I didn’t even have to skimp and just have one or two things. The salad bar had 3 pre-made gluten free and vegan salads. And of course, I could have built my own if I wished. … Continue reading

Potato Salad-Gluten Free and Vegan

What do you do when you buy 5 pounds of red potatoes, only to come home from the grocery store to see that you already have 5 pounds of red potatoes?  Why, make potato salad, that’s what!   Potato salad is often considered a summer dish.  Well, even though it is barely spring, I’m eating it; and enjoying it!  And you can too.  Who says one can only eat potato salad in the summer? This recipe is easily made milk and egg free, but just the same, it can easily be made “regular” too. Also shared at Allergy Free Wednesday. … Continue reading

An Allergy Friendly Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is coming soon.  It doesn’t have to be a scary time if you have food allergies. You can still have a great meal. Here are some ideas to go with your turkey or ham to dress your table and nourish your soul. Instead of the traditional green bean casserole, try this recipe for Apricot Glazed Green Beans.   You can make mashed potatoes with hemp milk to get the oft desired creamy side dish.  Or you could make this Mashed Potato Bake.   For a great gluten free and allergy friendly biscuit you could make Mashed Potato Biscuits, or … Continue reading

Red/Purple Cabbage Salad a/k/a A Salad By Three Names

In my house, this salad goes by the name “Ugly, but Good Salad,”  “Purple Monster Salad” or the basic, “Red/Purple Cabbage Salad.” It was a few years ago that I decided to bring more variety to the table in way of vegetables.  Cabbage wasn’t on my radar at all.  But then I came upon a salad recipe that for some reason I decided to try.  And surprisingly, it’s really good.  And gets eaten by all!  I’ve been making this for over a year and it’s still a favorite!  The key to making it is timing.  You have to make it … Continue reading

Raw Applesauce

I am fascinated with the story of Jordan Rubin.  He is a book author, and the founder of Garden of Life; a whole line of vitamins, supplements, protein shakes, and so much more.  In fact, he is raising grass fed beef now too.  I do not use any of his products or beef, but I follow his company and story with interest.   His story is nothing short of miraculous.  He basically cured himself of a terrible case of Chrons disease that had him on death’s door. Anyway, there is a little shop I frequent that was handing out free copies … Continue reading

Sweet Pea Salad

Bacon, peas and golden raisins!  What do they have in common?  This salad!    Sounds like a strange combination, doesn’t it?  Well, it turns out it is YUMMY and a great way to eat peas.   It’s easy too.  This can be made allergy free or “regular.”  Either way, it works! Seriously, this is sweet and doesn’t taste like peas at all.  It may just do the trick to getting a kid to eat peas.  Don’t pass this off as a “weird” dish!  Give it a try!  It’s super delish!  You’ll be glad you did! Also shared at Slightly Indulgent Tuesday … Continue reading

Allergy Free Thousand Island Dressing (And Why It Is Named That)

I like to check out cookbooks from the library occasionally.  I found Cooking Free by Carol Fenster, PhD.  To me, it appears to be one of the “first” allergy friendly cookbooks having been published 8 years ago.  I’m actually surprised that I had not heard of or seen her cookbook before now.  While flipping through the book I came across a recipe for Thousand Island Dressing.  I was never one to eat this dressing, but I thought my husband would enjoy it and in an effort to make our salads varied I thought I would make it.   I adapted … Continue reading

Jazzy Jello

Jello may make for an odd blog post.  After all, everyone knows how to make Jello!  But this is a jazzed up version.  It’s more than just Jello and water!   I include it here because I sometimes think that people overlook the simple ideas.  This Jello concoction makes for a great dessert or snack.  Perfect for after supper, before bed, after school, or mid-day, this can be a perfect snack for anyone!  This recipe comes from one of those church/school cookbook fundraiser cookbooks.  My book is so old the correction list attached to the book was typed up on … Continue reading

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