French Fries Using Different Vegetables

July is the month to celebrate the French Fry! Did you know that?

French Fries can be made out of vegetables other than potatoes.

Fries Collage 2I’ve been serving up a variety of French Fries to the family for about two weeks practicing different types of fries. Turnip fries, rutabaga fries, sweet potato fries and the beloved potato fry.

You can find my recipes for these fries by reading my article about French Fries over at My Life With Food Allergies. Click here to learn how.

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The Gluten Free Cheat Sheet Book Review

Gluten Free Cheat Sheet

If you have read my blog, or my submissions for My Life With Food Allergies, you know that I really love cookbooks. Today I have the pleasure of reviewing The Gluten Free Cheat Sheet by April Peveteaux. I was given the book (for free), but the opinions are all my own (non-affiliate link). April Peveteaux writes with sass and humor. This book is part “how to go gluten free” and part cookbook. It is a must-read for the newly “going gluten free” person; anyone who needs to go gluten free whether due to Celiac, intolerance, wheat allergy, or auto-immune diseases … Continue reading

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Quit Your Food Intolerances/Allergies With These 10 Tips

Tips for Quitting

For me, changing my diet to exclude dairy, eggs, gluten, corn and refined sugars was not that hard. I wanted to feel better! And I would do anything to feel better!   However, I know statistically, that for many people quitting their food allergens or intolerances can be very difficult. In fact, we can actually be addicted to our food intolerances. Making a mind shift is necessary to quit certain foods. I wrote an article for My Life With Food Allergies listing 10 tips for quitting your “bad for you” foods. Click here to read it.


Gluten Free Graham Crackers

Buckwheat grahams

One of the main reasons I do not post every day, or every other day or even weekly is because I will only put up recipes that actually work and taste great. Honestly, I am surprised by the number of food bloggers that “put up recipes” that do not work. I know my way around a kitchen very well, and if I can’t make a recipe that I read on another’s blog work, then I really don’t think the average reader can. I have had this experience time and again when trying other’s gluten free cracker recipes. I have never … Continue reading

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4 More Gluten Free Cookbooks Reviewed (Allergy Free Too!)


Need a new cookbook? Want inspiration? I have reviewed the cookbooks in the picture below. You can find this review at My Life With Food Allergies by clicking here. If you like cookbook reviews you may be interested in this article reviewing 5 cookbooks. Read a synopsis of 11 of my cookbooks here. Love ice cream?  Read a cookbook review of my favorite ice cream cookbook here. What is your favorite cookbook? Also shared at Allergy Free Wednesday.

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Marinated and Grilled Pork Chops

Grilled Pork Chops

The secret to grilling boneless pork chops is an easy 2 step process. Follow these simple guidelines and never have dry pork chops again! First, marinate, marinate, marinate. Shoot for 6-8 hours. Thirty minutes before grilling time won’t do it. Second, cooking time for boneless pork chops is super short. 8-10 minutes maximum! This all depends on your particular grill, how hot it heats, how far the grates are from heat source etc. etc. I have a very hot grill, even on medium heat. I generally cook boneless pork chops about 4-5 minutes on one side and then 3-4 on … Continue reading


Cuban Rice and Beans

Cuban Rice and Beans

We eat with our eyes first. That is why I’m hesitant to post the below picture. It is not the most appetizing looking meal. However, in this case a picture doesn’t say 1000 words. To be honest, I got eye rolls when I put this on the table. But I soon got, “wow, this is really good” and clean plates at the end of the meal. This Cuban Rice and Beans meal can be lumped into the “comfort food” category. Seriously, it has that down home, satisfying feeling. Another plus….it is cheap to make. After all, black beans are really … Continue reading


What You Need To Know About Dairy Free Milk Beverages.

Dairy Free Milk2

Are you new to the dairy free lifestyle? Are you afraid to try a new dairy free milk beverage? Not sure what dairy free milk to purchase? After 5 years of dairy free living, I know a thing or two about alternative milks. Check out my article about dairy free milks that was originally written for the blog My Life With Food Allergies. You can find the article here. Also shared at Allergy Free Wednesday.


Cashew and Honey Bars with Chocolate Drizzle

Cashew Choc Bars2

Oooh La La. These are delish! Gluten free and allergy friendly baking is not easy. And sometime we just do not have time or energy to do endless measuring. We just want something easy and tasty! Like these Cashew and Honey (and agave) Bars with Chocolate Drizzle. I set out to make these because I wanted something easy like regular rice crispy treats, but without the marshmallows. Marshmallows are corn syrup, sugar, more corn derivatives and more sugar. Not good for people with corn sensitivities, or someone who wants to consume less sugar….way less sugar. I recommend making your own … Continue reading


Gluten Free Grain Free Thin Mint Cookies

Thin Mint Cookies

Want the traditional Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookie flavor without the milk, gluten and soy? Check out these cookies! Lauren from Oatmeal With a Fork came up with these highly addictive, nearly identical, thin mint style cookies. What is even more awesome…they are grain free too! Yep! Don’t get freaked out by her choice of flour…I promise…you CAN NOT taste anything but super, delicious thin mint cookie flavor! Per her suggestion, I’ve been keeping them in the freezer and I find myself heading there several times a day. I really shouldn’t make these again. BUT I WILL! Her recipe is … Continue reading

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