How To Roast Pumpkin Seeds – A Photo Tutorial


We carved a pumpkin yesterday.  It was a project that drew neighbor kids.  Everyone enjoyed it.


We saved the seeds.


Time to roast them.  First, you need to get all that stringy goop off of the seeds. Place them in a bowl of coldish water and let set for awhile.


After 5 minutes or so, use your hands to scoop up seeds and use your hand as a strainer.  Do this over and over.  Then let set for a few more minutes.


After resting a bit, scoop up seeds and let the water and stringy stuff fall off into the bowl.  You may have to pull off some of the stringy stuff.  Set aside your clean seeds.  This is how it should look when you are finished…one bowl of orange, goopy water and one bowl of clean seeds.


Bring a pan of water and 1 tsp. salt to a boil.  Add seeds.  Lower temperature to medium low and let the seeds simmer for about 10 minutes.  Stir once or twice.


Drain the seeds.  Turn on oven to 325 degrees.


Lay a cloth napkin or dish towel on the counter.  Remove seeds from colandar to cloth and spread out.


Cover the seeds with another cloth napkin (towel etc.) and pat dry.  They don’t have to be entirely dry.


Spread seeds out on a cookie sheet.  Pour about 1 tsp. oil of choice over and use your hands to coat all seeds.  Then spread out evenly again.  Sprinkle with salt.  (I didn’t use enough…use more than you think).


Roast in preheated oven for 10 minutes.  Remove from oven, toss seeds, and spread out.  Bake another 3 minutes.  Check seeds for crispiness.  Continue to roast for one minute intervals.  I ended up doing a total of 16 minutes, but I think they maybe could have used another 30 seconds to a minute.

Lay seeds on a dry, clean cloth to absorb any extra oil.  Let cool.

Snack away!


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Allergy Free Cookbooks-A Brief Review of My Cookbook Collection

Allergy Free Cookbooks

Recently I received a free copy of the cookbook Finally, Food I Can Eat by Shirley Plant. This is more than a cookbook. It could be called a guide book. The first 45 pages are chuck full of all sorts of information ranging from food substitutes, food additives, replacements, common allergens, food combining, and food families etc. The rest of the book contains recipes in every category which are free from dairy, wheat, yeast, soy, eggs, corn, sugar, nuts and nightshades. It is important to state that while this book does contain a lot of naturally gluten free recipes, it … Continue reading

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Fall Fruit Sauce

Fall Fruit Sauce

I made Savory Squash Soup yesterday and it was delish. If you have not tried it yet, by all means….go, print out the recipe. You will love the soup even if you are not a big squash person. And as always, when I cooked the squash for the soup I had leftovers. I actually plan it that way. I buy a bigger squash so that I will have leftover squash. I was going to make Not Your Mama’s Chocolate Shake, but I didn’t have ripe bananas. Don’t you hate it when you want to make something, only to find out … Continue reading


Living Without’s Gluten Free Holidays GIVEAWAY!!!!!


Living Without’s Gluten Free and More magazine has come out with a special Holidays edition. And you can get one for FREE! I have been granted permission to give away THREE copies of the holiday guide. I have already received my copy and read it front to back on the same day it came. I know I’ll be perusing it over and over the next few months. This Holidays guide is chuck full of 75 recipes and many are more than gluten free. Many come with egg free options and are milk free too! Maybe you are not gluten free…’d … Continue reading


Make Your Own Can Of Condensed Tomato Soup

Beef Stew1

Fall is knocking on our door and I’m ready to start making soups and stews again. In fact I made this stew last night and it was good. If you haven’t tried it yet, you should. One of my favorite soup recipes from childhood is a chili recipe that requires a can of condensed tomato soup. I started making my own condensed version about 4 years ago. I took these pictures back in 2012 and am just now getting around to sharing it. You’ll need oil, starch, spices, milk (dairy free or not), and tomato paste. Heat oil on stove … Continue reading


Food at Marshall’s Department Store? You Bet!

Marshalls food1

I have some fun news for you! You can find allergy free, gluten free and health foods at Marshall’s and TJ Maxx Department Stores. You can read all about the different finds and categories of food on this post I wrote for My Life With Food Allergies. Also shared at Allergy Free Wednesday. Gluten Free Wednesday.

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Pumpkin Chai Spice Breakfast Bars

Pumpkin Chai Breakfast Bars

I saw the stats. The Grab and Go Breakfast Bars were a HUGE hit! I had mentioned I was working on a new flavor. Today, it’s yours…. Pumpkin Chai Breakfast Bars. Great autumn breakfast, although I would eat these any time of year. But now would be the time to stock up on canned pumpkin as it is always cheaper in the fall. These are not overly pumpkin for those of you who prefer a mild taste. The chai spices are not heavy either. You may want to check out the Grab and Go Breakfast Bars post for all the … Continue reading

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Grape Soda – Sugar Free, Corn Free, Allergy Free

Grape Soda 4

Can you believe I have not had a soda in a year!? I cut out corn and artificial sweeteners about a year ago, so that means no soda since they are all made with either high fructose corn syrup or aspartame/Splenda. (Well, except Zevia, but that stuff is expensive!) I never was a huge soda drinker anyway, so it really wasn’t that big of deal. But then…. I had a garage sale back in August. Those are a lot of work, and by the end of the day, I was tuckered out and in no mood to cook. We have … Continue reading

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Garlic Lover’s Hummus

Garlic Lover's Hummus

I love garlic. I use it in a lot of dishes. Today I made a Garlic Lover’s Hummus. Garlic is an herb with endless health properties. It’s good for the heart, blood pressure, keeping cholesterol in check, is an anti-fungal, may reduce the chance of developing Alzheimer’s and much, much more. Better yet, it makes food DELICIOUS! If you do not care for lots of garlic, then you may be interested in this hummus recipe. Also shared at Allergy Free Wednesday. Real Food Wednesday. Garlic Lover’s Hummus From: Peggy of Allergy Free Test Kitchen Ingredients: 1 can chickpeas, rinsed and … Continue reading


“Cheese” Like Dip/Sauce

Blog-Cheese Like Dip

I do not miss dairy products. Oh, I did at first, but after four years of dairy free living, I do not miss it one bit. That is saying a lot from someone who used to consume milk, cheese and/or yogurt multiple times a day! That being said, I did try and make a cheese-like sauce. Not because I was craving cheese or a similar substitute, but rather I wanted something other than hummus to dip raw vegetables in. This recipe is one I found several years ago and never got around to trying until now. My version came out … Continue reading

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