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Black Bean Brownies – Gluten Free, Vegan and Guilt Free (Fun Finds Friday)

A brownie without eggs is difficult to make.  A brownie without eggs that is also gluten free that tastes good is even harder.  Sure, I’ve tried many recipes, from bloggers to well-known cookbook authors.  I tried many versions of my own with so-so results. I have not found one that I would make again and again. Until now. And I’m sure you have heard of people making brownies with black beans and it sounds strange, I know.  But this recipe is so, so much better than other black bean brownies you may have tasted.  I know that to be true … Continue reading

Banana Ice Cream Pie With Biscoff Cookie Flavored Pie Crust

What if I told you that you could make ice cream not only without milk, but without dairy free milk too? And what if I told you it would be rich and creamy? Even better, what if you could make an ice cream pie? Well, it just so happens that today I have just that…an ice cream pie made without milk and dairy free milk! With the pie filling having no added sugar it is super healthy too! What more could you want? Anyone could make this it is so easy! And there are many people without food restrictions that … Continue reading

Dairy Free Ice Cream by Kelly V. Brozyna- Cookbook Review

July is national ice cream month. So what better time to talk about a new dairy free ice cream cookbook!?!? (The author did not ask me to write this, I just chose too). As I happen to have a July birthday, my husband bought me the cookbook Dairy-Free Ice Cream – 75 Recipes Made Without Eggs, Gluten, Soy, or Refined Sugar.   I love reading and perusing through cookbooks, but I think it was also a subtle (or not so subtle) clue to make more ice cream. 🙂 This cookbook is BEAUTIFUL! It is one of the prettiest cookbooks I have … Continue reading

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Vanilla Ice Cream

Summer is in full swing and who doesn’t like an ice cream on a hot day? Thankfully, even those of us who do not eat dairy products, (whether due to allergy or if you are a vegan), can still enjoy ice cream. While I have had this in my arsenal for a while now, I have not been keeping this recipe to myself on purpose, rather trying to get it just right. While a lot of people work on one recipe over and over until they get it right, I do not. I only work on one when I want … Continue reading

Rhubarb Sauce – Refined Sugar Free

Rhubarb! You either love it or hate! At least that’s what I’m guessing. I’m of the love it group! Did you know it is actually a vegetable? I think people do not realize that because it is used in desserts, jams and sauces—typically applications for fruit. Now it’s hard to come by where I live and beggars can’t be choosers, so I had to settle for the green variety even though the red is so much prettier. They taste the same though. Often found in crisps and pies, I love rhubarb as a sauce…like applesauce. Unfortunately, rhubarb needs a lot … Continue reading

Chocolate Strawberry Tart

Chocolate or strawberries? Strawberries or chocolate? Which do you love better? Can’t choose? Well you don’t have too with today’s dessert! Hello Chocolate Strawberry Tart! This recipe is literally for anyone! It’s easily adaptable to any food needs. I made a gluten free tart (from The Allergen Free Baker’s Handbook), but you can make any tart crust you can eat. If you can eat store bought chocolate nut spread, go ahead and use that. Otherwise, do what I did and make your own milk free nut spread (making your own is healthier). I made this one. If you can’t eat … Continue reading

Fun Finds Friday – Lemony Avocado Pudding

I love how avocados make this delicious Creamy Dreamy Chocolate Peppermint Mousse.  It remains a favorite of mine.  And then there is this Purple Pudding made with avocados too.  So I went looking for other avocado desserts and found this Lemony Avocado Pudding.   Truth be told, I do not really care for this, and usually I don’t post things I do not like. However, it is a FAVORITE of my Kindergartner.  Since it’s child-loved I thought it was worth posting for this Fun Finds Friday. You can find the recipe here. (I skip the pistachios).

Three Ingredient Mango Sorbet – Dairy Free and Vegan

It seems like everyone is bemoaning the cold spring/long winter and I’m no exception.  I am eager for some warmer temps, that is for sure. And even though it’s been chilly, I have been making a refreshing “frozen” treat that I am excited to share with you today.   This mango sorbet is so easy and fast.  You can put it together in minutes.  And with only three ingredients it is healthy too.  No need to worry about additives, lots of sugar, or food dyes with this sorbet.  You can eat this without worry. You need a heavy duty food … Continue reading

McDonald’s Shamrock Shake–Milk Free

Does McDonald’s even have the Shamrock Shake anymore?  I don’t know.  I haven’t seen a commercial for it.  But I do know that you can make your own dairy free version!   Even though I don’t celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, I know people love (or used to love) the St. Patty’s Day Shamrock Shake.  So for fun, I set out to create a dairy free version of what I think it should taste like.  Use any dairy free milk (or cow’s milk), but I like hemp milk for this because it is thicker and creamier than a lot of dairy … Continue reading

Purple Pudding – Fun Finds Friday

It’s Friday and I have another Fun Find to share with you.   I call it Purple Pudding!  It’s a real treat around here.  I have been making it since December whenever avocados are on sale. (Yeah for $0.29/avocado)!   Don’t freak out…this doesn’t taste like avocados at all.  It is mostly blueberry flavored with a hint of chocolate.  It will satisfy your need for something creamy.  And it is healthy.  I just love it when something decadent is healthy especially when it comes to feeding youngsters.  They think they are getting a treat when they are getting a bowl … Continue reading

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