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“PB&J” Protein Shake

Breakfasts can be tricky if you are on a “limited diet.” I put limited in quotes because I personally do not feel limited at all even though there are several food groups I do not eat. For a lot of us, mornings are rushed and there is limited time to make gluten free, allergy friendly breakfasts. That is where a good protein shake comes in. I know some whole food/real food bloggers do not like protein powder, but I find my mornings to go much smoother when I can quickly whip up a shake. Plus when I drink one, I … Continue reading

Purple Pudding – Fun Finds Friday

It’s Friday and I have another Fun Find to share with you.   I call it Purple Pudding!  It’s a real treat around here.  I have been making it since December whenever avocados are on sale. (Yeah for $0.29/avocado)!   Don’t freak out…this doesn’t taste like avocados at all.  It is mostly blueberry flavored with a hint of chocolate.  It will satisfy your need for something creamy.  And it is healthy.  I just love it when something decadent is healthy especially when it comes to feeding youngsters.  They think they are getting a treat when they are getting a bowl … Continue reading

Banana Nut Pancakes With Thick Sugar Free Blueberry Topping – Gluten Free and Vegan With Nut Free Option

I don’t know about you, but I seem to get overrun with overripe bananas.  My freezer door is full of them.  So I created this Banana Nut Pancake With Thick Sugar Free Blueberry Topping.  (This recipe can easily be made without the nuts).  They are so good, I only ever had one (or none) pancake leftover to take a picture of.    These are easy to make, and are gluten free, milk free, egg free, soy free and refined sugar free.  Free of all those things, but not good taste!  Anyone who would taste these would NEVER know any different. … Continue reading

Fun Finds Friday – Grain Free Biscuits

I have to limit my grains and be sugar free for a while (more on that to come).  So that means I have been having acorn squash, sweet potatoes and pea protein shakes for breakfast.  I need some sort of bread, at least occasionally.  So I found this recipe for grain free biscuits.  These are perfect for breakfast if you make them the night before.  Topped with thawed frozen peaches this is really a quite delightful breakfast that I think anyone would enjoy, not just the grain free crowd.  I’ll send you to the recipe soon, but I want to … Continue reading

Fun Finds Friday – Blueberry Sauce

Fun Finds Friday is here! Recently I had been shopping and saw a bottle of blueberry sauce.  As usual, I turned over the jar to read the label.  While it had no allergens (shocking!) it was not blueberry sauce.  It was high fructose corn syrup and other chemical sounding names.  It had something like “blueberry flavoring” in it.  Five years ago I probably would have bought it.  Now?  Not a chance. But then I had a hankering for blueberry sauce to go over pancakes.  So, off I went to find a recipe.  I found a recipe for this blueberry sauce.  … Continue reading

Oats And Ancient Grain Pancakes

Here’s another pancake recipe!  Even though I have several, I keep trying new recipes hoping to stumble upon the perfect one.   I’m not sure this is the perfect one, but it is good and easy.  Fresh is best, but they freeze well too!  They are also something to feel good about with lots of fiber and protein from the oats and ancient grains of quinoa, buckwheat or teff.  Unrefined sweetener (coconut sugar) makes them vegan pancakes too! For some reason, these are the pancakes I make if we are having breakfast for dinner.  Do you make breakfast for dinner?  … Continue reading

Chocolate “Peanut” Butter Protein Bars

Sometimes I get overly excited in a place like Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods.  Like the time I thought buying chocolate hemp protein powder to make a chocolate shake was a good idea.  When I first tried it blended with rice milk it was horrible.  The next day I tried it with coconut milk and it was not much better.  Both concoctions went down the sink drain.   In an effort to not waste the stuff and my money, I set out to make something delicious with the protein powder.  It turns out buying it was not such a bad … Continue reading

Chocolate Granola For Anyone!

Calling all chocolate lovers!  I found a new way to get a chocolate fix.  Chocolate granola!    I adapted this recipe, tried it, and then two days later I found that Trader Joe’s had a chocolate granola.  Then I found a gluten free chocolate granola in another store.  So glad I made homemade a few days earlier!  Homemade is fun!  Homemade is less expensive!  Homemade is easy! Once you try this, you will make this over and over again!  I know I have!  It makes for a great snack!  Better print this out! If you love this, why not Like … Continue reading

Red and Blue Breakfast Cake

Independence Day is just around the corner!  Why not start the day out with this delicious and easy Red and Blue Breakfast Cake. It’s not just for breakfast either!  Enjoy for brunch, mid-afternoon snack, dessert, or late evening treat! Red and Blue Breakfast Cake was inspired by a recipe I found in the June 2013 issue of Martha Stewart Living magazine.  I made it gluten free, allergy free and better tasting I dare bet. This cake is very moist and ‘short’.  It is supposed to be, so do not worry that you may have done something wrong.  It’s best tasting … Continue reading

Quinoa For Breakfast (And What is Quinoa Anyway?)

If you have been gluten free for a while now, I’m sure you know all about quinoa (pronounced keen-wah).  If you are new to gluten free or not gluten free, you may have heard about it as it has been in the news the last few years as a power food.  There is no need to be gluten free to enjoy this grain. (It’s not technically a grain, but it is often referred to it as that.  We’ll get into this in a minute).  In fact, I challenge you non-gluten free foodies out there to try it.  It has so … Continue reading

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