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Chocolate Date Balls

Chocolate! Give me chocolate! Who doesn’t love a chocolate treat now and then? These raw chocolate date balls are the perfect way to enjoy chocolate. No added sugar! All sweetness comes from dates. Medjool dates work best because they are so, so naturally sweet and creamy! Regular dates work also! No matter what kind of date you purchase, they can be either hard to find or expensive. So I usually opt to make these around Christmas time. They may not be a “typical” holiday treat, but they do work wonderfully at this time. To me, they are guilt free indulgence! … Continue reading

Cashew and Coconut Raw Cookie Balls

You know how it goes…you want a snack…don’t have one on hand. Sigh. You don’t want to measure a bunch of ingredients, nor do you want to take the time to bake them. What can you do? Make these raw cookie balls! In mere minutes. Just a teeny tiny bit of work and next thing you know….. You’ll be noshing on a treat so good you can’t stop with just one. Seriously….these are dangerous. Some cashew butter (try homemade!), coconut, and a few other simple ingredients and next thing you know, you’ve satisfied your sweet tooth. Also shared at Allergy … Continue reading

How to Make Finger Gelatin (a/k/a finger jello)

100,000! That’s a number worth celebrating! 200. That’s pretty big too! Say what? What does this have to do with finger gelatin? Nothing really. Not Irish and not Catholic, not prone to drinking and partying…I’m still celebrating St. Patty’s Day……with some green food. After all, St. Patrick (born A.D. 373) was one of the most prolific evangelists of all time with planting over 200 churches and baptizing 100,000 people. Prior to those achievements, he was kidnapped by pirates at age 16 and taken as a slave to Ireland. He later escaped only to return to his captors at age 30 … Continue reading

Minty Chocolate Dessert Bars

I am always on the lookout for a great brownie.   Brownies are the ONE thing that is next to impossible to make without eggs.  I have tried recipe after recipe of vegan brownies with little to no success.  So when I saw the words, “build a better brownie” in an Oprah magazine a couple of years ago, it grabbed my attention. (Recipe that follows was slightly adapted from that). Okay, so I’ve made the recipe twice about a year apart.  The recipe works. It tastes pretty good. I dare say it’s healthy.  It is chocolaty.  But I wouldn’t call it … Continue reading

Lemony Date and Nut Balls

I have a thing for dates lately.  They are super sweet so they really satisfy the sweet tooth. Sometimes they even seem a bit like caramel.  Medjool dates seem to be the king of dates.  And I’ve had some (scrumptious), but oh my, they are super expensive.  So I don’t buy them.  However, I found dates at Sam’s Club that are affordable and super yummy.  They are moist and delicious; not like Medjool dates, but they are better and bigger than dates I’ve seen in regular stores. I will eat them plain out of the bag and so will my … Continue reading

Chocolate “Peanut” Butter Protein Bars

Sometimes I get overly excited in a place like Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods.  Like the time I thought buying chocolate hemp protein powder to make a chocolate shake was a good idea.  When I first tried it blended with rice milk it was horrible.  The next day I tried it with coconut milk and it was not much better.  Both concoctions went down the sink drain.   In an effort to not waste the stuff and my money, I set out to make something delicious with the protein powder.  It turns out buying it was not such a bad … Continue reading

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