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What You Need To Know About Dairy Free Milk Beverages.

Are you new to the dairy free lifestyle? Are you afraid to try a new dairy free milk beverage? Not sure what dairy free milk to purchase? After 5 years of dairy free living, I know a thing or two about alternative milks. Check out my article about dairy free milks that was originally written for the blog My Life With Food Allergies. You can find the article here. Also shared at Allergy Free Wednesday.

Springtime Resolutions

Did you quit your New Year’s Day Resolutions? Maybe you never made one! Spring is the perfect time to make a fresh start with any food and health goals you may want to do. If you need ideas of what your food and health goals could or should be, check out this article listing 30 different food and health related goals on My Life With Food Allergies.

Shop Aldi and Save Money

Grocery shopping can be fun and less expensive than you realize if you are lucky enough to have an Aldi nearby! Surprisingly….Aldi is actually very food allergy friendly. I buy the majority of our food there. Find out what I purchase at Aldi, learn about Aldi’s gluten free and organic food line, and discover shopping tips and ways to make Aldi work for you by reading the article I wrote for My Life With Food Allergies by clicking here. In addition, a couple of years ago, I wrote a 3 part series about grocery shopping. You can find those articles … Continue reading

Deal or Dud? Five Allergy Free Cookbooks Reviewed!

One of my local news channels used to have a segment called Deal or Dud. They would investigate and review products and let the consumer know whether it was worth buying or not. Well, cookbooks can definitely fall into a deal or dud category. And I love using the library to scout out cookbooks before deciding if I should buy them or not. I reviewed five gluten free and allergy friendly cookbooks for the blog My Life With Food Allergies. In this article you will learn about these cookbooks: Simply Sugar and Gluten Free The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Gluten … Continue reading

Pea Protein Is An Allergy Friendly Protein for Shakes

The majority of my breakfasts over the past year have been protein shakes. I find my whole day goes better when it starts off this way. And I am no gym rat….protein shakes are a great way to start the day for ANYONE! The most commonly found proteins are whey and soy. And they are big no-no’s! So I use pea protein. I wrote an article for My Life With Food Allergies all about pea protein. You will find out the why’s, where, how and what of pea protein, including good brands to try. You can read all about it … Continue reading

Calcium Rich Foods

I have read once that dairy free people have better bone density than the milk consuming crowd; and that countries where people do not consume much cow’s milk have very few cases of bone fractures. Apparently, milk is acidic and draws the calcium right out of the very bones that need calcium. (I’m paraphrasing from memory…one day this may be an entire post). That being said, we still need calcium and it is best to get it from natural food sources. I wrote an article for My Life With Food Allergies listing all the calcium rich foods. You’ll be surprised … Continue reading

Flavor Your Rice Seven Different Ways

Rice doesn’t have to be boring!  Spice it up! Want Salsa Rice?  How about Spicy BBQ Rice?  Teriyaki and Italian anyone?  You can even make it sweet with Apple Cinnamon Raisin! Find the recipes to make these flavors of rice (and more) by reading this article I wrote for My Life With Food Allergies. Also shared at Allergy Free Wednesday. Gluten Free Wednesday. Real Food Wednesday.

Food at Marshall’s Department Store? You Bet!

I have some fun news for you! You can find allergy free, gluten free and health foods at Marshall’s and TJ Maxx Department Stores. You can read all about the different finds and categories of food on this post I wrote for My Life With Food Allergies. Also shared at Allergy Free Wednesday. Gluten Free Wednesday.

All About Gluten Free Flours

There are a lot of gluten free grains (made into flour) available, but do you know what they really are? What their nutritional profile is? What they are used for? Check out my two part series on My Life With Food Allergies, describing all the gluten free flours I have in my freezer and refrigerator. What’s In Your Flour, Part One can be found here. What’s In Your Flour, Part Two can be found here. Also shared at Allergy Free Wednesdays.

Five Cooking Shortcuts I Use

Do you feel overwhelmed with all the preparations it takes to get a meal on the table?  Cooking gluten free or allergy friendly can be a daunting task.  Maybe you are not gluten free or have allergies, but like to cook REAL FOOD!  That is time consuming too! Head on over to My Life With Food Allergies where I have an article posted with my five cooking shortcuts.  You can read the article here.

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