25 Tips For Better Grilling

As I stand in my back yard I can see the back yards of 5 houses. It’s not optimum, but it is what it is. What I find odd, very strange actually, is that none of these people grill their meals. Like ever. We have a least 7 months where weather permits us to grill and I never see anyone grilling. And I’m outdoors a lot.

It seems strange to me because grilling is such an easy way to prepare meals. Not only is it easy, it’s usually fast and healthy. Not to mention it’s very easy to make gluten free or allergy friendly meals on the grill. I grill at least 2-3 times a week. Maybe the neighbors think I’m nuts for grilling so much, who knows?

Grilling Tips

There is another thing about grilling that bugs me and it’s the notion that women can’t grill. Why is grilling considered a “man thing?” Why is it marketed as that? I have even had other women tell me that they can’t grill because they are a woman. This is just nuts to me. I do 99% of the grilling and I really enjoy it.

If you are new to grilling, or just need some refresher tips, I have written a post stating 25 tips to better grilling. You can read it here.

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