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Get Your Greens In With Kale Chips

Are you one of the thousands of people whose New Year’s Eve resolutions is to eat healthier?  Want to eat more greens, but can’t stomach a salad at every meal?  Try kale chips.  Kale chips have been around the foodie blogosphere for a few years now.  I’m late to the game.  But I finally came up with a way to prepare them and they are really good.  (Although photographing them is another story).   While no one could eat an entire head of kale in one salad, one could eat a whole head of kale in the form of kale … Continue reading

Fabulous Roasted Pearl Onions

If you have not tried pearl onions you are missing out.  These little delectable onions are fabulous!  They are SWEET!  Seriously, even the biggest onion hater would like these.   Roasted pearl onions would make a great side dish for Christmas dinner or even an appetizer.  Well, any meal any time of the year for that matter!  Let’s not limit this to holidays!  (I even ate some for a snack last night). This dish is easy, fast, and naturally gluten free and allergy friendly.  What’s not to like? Also shared at Wellness Wednesday . Whole Foods Friday . Healthy Vegan … Continue reading

An Allergy Friendly Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is coming soon.  It doesn’t have to be a scary time if you have food allergies. You can still have a great meal. Here are some ideas to go with your turkey or ham to dress your table and nourish your soul. Instead of the traditional green bean casserole, try this recipe for Apricot Glazed Green Beans.   You can make mashed potatoes with hemp milk to get the oft desired creamy side dish.  Or you could make this Mashed Potato Bake.   For a great gluten free and allergy friendly biscuit you could make Mashed Potato Biscuits, or … Continue reading

Italian Roasted Zucchini and Summer Squash

Have you eaten a plethora of zucchini and summer squash?  We have and this is one side dish that doesn’t get old; at least not for us.   This is so simple I can barely call it a recipe.  It almost seems silly to put it on here.  But simple doesn’t mean tasteless.  No!  It is very tasty.   Do you eat zucchini and summer squash? Also shared at Gluten Free Friday . Italian Roasted Zucchini and Summer Squash From: Peggy of Allergy Free Test Kitchen Ingredients: 1 zucchini 1 summer squash 1 red onion olive oil Italian Herb seasoning Directions: … Continue reading

Red/Purple Cabbage Salad a/k/a A Salad By Three Names

In my house, this salad goes by the name “Ugly, but Good Salad,”  “Purple Monster Salad” or the basic, “Red/Purple Cabbage Salad.” It was a few years ago that I decided to bring more variety to the table in way of vegetables.  Cabbage wasn’t on my radar at all.  But then I came upon a salad recipe that for some reason I decided to try.  And surprisingly, it’s really good.  And gets eaten by all!  I’ve been making this for over a year and it’s still a favorite!  The key to making it is timing.  You have to make it … Continue reading

Sweet Potatoes With Cranberries

If you have been following this blog for a while, you may have noticed that I’ve slowed down a bit.  Summer has been quite busy.  But truth be told, one of the real reasons is that I’ve been hooked on Downton Abbey.  I have spent my evenings watching the first three seasons of it.   I just love, love, love that show!  Anyone else? Another thing I love, love, love is sweet potatoes!  We eat them year around.  They are not just for autumn!   A great thing about sweet potatoes is that they are so simple to make.  Cooked properly, … Continue reading

Italian Roasted Cauliflower

Since I began roasting cauliflower it has become a weekly vegetable.  You can find my go-to recipe here.  However, I found that when my main dish had an Italian flare to it, my regular recipe didn’t quite fit the bill.  So, enter….Italian Roasted Cauliflower.   This really isn’t much of a recipe at all.  I don’t measure or anything like that.  You can adjust the seasonings as much or as little as you want.  Either way, this will be a hit. Also shared at Gluten Free Friday . Italian Roasted Cauliflower From: Peggy of Allergy Free Test Kitchen Ingredients: cauliflower … Continue reading

Sweet Pea Salad

Bacon, peas and golden raisins!  What do they have in common?  This salad!    Sounds like a strange combination, doesn’t it?  Well, it turns out it is YUMMY and a great way to eat peas.   It’s easy too.  This can be made allergy free or “regular.”  Either way, it works! Seriously, this is sweet and doesn’t taste like peas at all.  It may just do the trick to getting a kid to eat peas.  Don’t pass this off as a “weird” dish!  Give it a try!  It’s super delish!  You’ll be glad you did! Also shared at Slightly Indulgent Tuesday … Continue reading

Produce Wash

It would be wonderful if we all could buy organic fruits and vegetables.  But for many it is not affordable or accessible.  Now I do not know if a produce wash is scientifically better than water for washing produce or not, but I do know that it eases my mind a little bit.      For strawberries, I usually mix a recipe of produce wash and soak the berries in it.  Then I drain them and rinse off with water.  I think I’ll start doing this for grapes as well. I also mix a “batch” of produce wash and keep … Continue reading

Grilled Asparagus

Despite the cold and gloomy weather I have started grilling season.  And one thing I love to grill is asparagus!   Asparagus used to be one of my least favorite vegetables, but it has now become one of my top 3 vegetables.  I think it is because of the grill.  There is just something about grilled vegetables.  It brings out an irresistible flavor.   If you do not care for asparagus, give grilling it a try.  It’s super easy.  Just wash, cut off the ends, and brush with olive oil.  Then place directly on the lowest grill rack.  Place the … Continue reading

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