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The Best Beef Stew

When you get tired of all the Christmas sweets and foods, you can make this down home, comfort food beef stew. This beef stew is the best one I ever ate.  Once I made this I have not gone back to any of my old stew recipes.   It has fast become a favorite.  And I think it will for you too. Make this stew on a day when you are home in the afternoon and on a chilly day.  It takes about three hours in the oven.  It’s a perfect way to warm up the house and your insides. What … Continue reading

Vegetable Chili-Vegan Style

I love soups, stews and chili this time of year.  I love to make them and eat them.  Today I bring you a vegan chili that is so hearty.  This is a good way to introduce people to meatless soups or a good way to start trying them yourself.  You will not miss the meat.   I bring this recipe (slightly tweaked) to you from More Choices, Eat Well, Live Well by Cheryl D. Thomas-Peters, RD.  It is a decent cookbook. Serve with corn bread or biscuits and a green salad and you have a complete meal. Also shared on Gluten Free Friday and Wellness … Continue reading

Creamy Garlic Potato Soup With Vegan Options

I used to have a baked potato soup recipe that was so delicious!  It was loaded with heavy cream, butter and the like.  It was high calorie/fat so I limited myself to making it only once or twice a winter.   It was also a lot of work. So about two years ago, I set out to find a potato soup that could replace my old love.  I found it in a vegan cookbook.   It was simple and fast; not a lot of hard work.  It was creamy and full of garlic and onion which I adore.  It also used … Continue reading

The Whys and Hows of Making a Good Homemade Soup

I love making homemade soups; for so many reasons.  First, they are a great one pot meal.  Second, they are healthy.  Third, it is a good way to get vegetables into children.  Fourth, they taste so much better than a soup from a can, not to mention much lower in sodium. Fifth, they are fun and easy to put together.  Sixth, canned soups may contain food allergens.  Seventh, many homemade soups are naturally allergy friendly.  And lastly, they fill the house with a great aroma.   Since I make so many soups in the autumn and winter months I wrote a list … Continue reading

Italian Bean Soup

Today’s soup is easy peasy!  Everything is put into the crockpot and then you can forget about it.  Another great thing about this soup is that it makes a huge batch.  So if you have a large family, you wouldn’t have to double it, and if you have a smaller family you can freeze half.  That is what I do.  I make a crockpot full and freeze half (it freezes well).  This is a great option for any mom.  On nights you are too tired or busy to cook, you can simply defrost this soup, add a salad and maybe bread and you … Continue reading

Chili-Italian Style And Allergy Friendly

With the wind blowing, leaves turning color (although drably), the endless drop of acorns, and the cool temps, nothing beats chili for supper on a night like today.  There are endless versions of chili…ones with ground beef, with beans or without, with pasta or not, white chilis (think chicken), vegetarian and probably many more.  Today I bring you a chili with a different twist yet. Adapted from my Taste of Home’s 2007 Contest Winning cookbook, this chili is reminiscent of Italian foods using Italian sausage, spaghetti sauce, and pepperoni to name just a few ingredients.  This will warm you up … Continue reading

Black Bean and Squash Chili

Autumn is in the air today where I live.  A clear sky, cool temps, and a light breeze require a sweatshirt.  But after the horribly hot summer this weather is very much welcome.  And did you know that today also marks the first day of autumn on the calendar?  And what comes to mind when thinking about food at this time of year?  Soups and stews.  Be ready.  I love cooking stews and soups.  You will probably be seeing a few here. As I mentioned in an earlier post,  I try to make a meatless meal once or twice a week.  … Continue reading

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