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Vegan Ranch Dressing

Two and a half years.  That is how long I have been milk free.  And that is how long I went without Ranch dressing.  I always intended to come up with a recipe for it.  But somehow I never got around to it.  Then a few weeks ago I got a real hankering for it.    Rather than do it myself, I thought I would look for a recipe on another blog.  Surely, someone had come up with a good Ranch dressing!  This Ranch dressing is delicious!  I can barely remember what the bottled stuff from the store tastes like, … Continue reading

Leafy Greens and Fruit Salad

Leafy greens plus fruit equals delicious salad!  Make your own dressing and there will be no worries about food allergies.  Plus, this salad would simply not do with a store bought dressing.  This dressing is a hit with everyone; even little ones. So, next time you are thinking of making a leafy salad, go for the fruit!  You will not be disappointed. I adapted this recipe from The Everything Food Allergy Cookbook by Linda Larsen. Also shared at Real Food Wednesday  Wellness Weekend, and Healthy Vegan Friday and Slightly Indulgent Tuesday. Leafy Greens and Fruit Salad From: Adapted from The Everything … Continue reading

Candy Apple Waldorf Salad

In an effort to make salads a bit more exciting at my house I decided to take the Waldorf salad recipe of my youth and make it healthier and allergy friendly. When I was a kid I thought that the name “Waldorf salad” was such goofy name.  So I did a little looking around and found that it is thought to be named after the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in NYC when a salad consisting of red apples, walnuts and mayo was created in 1893. Now taking pictures of salads is no easy feat.  The salad may taste great, but the picture doesn’t … Continue reading

Winter Fruit Salad

I usually like to keep my fruit in its natural state.  But sometimes it is fun to dress it up; especially around the holidays.  You could make this fruit salad for your Christmas dinner, New Year’s Eve party or anytime in the winter when oranges and grapefruit are in season.  It is easy to put together and adds a special twist to your dinner. Apples, pears, oranges, some grapefruit, and dried cranberries make up this salad with the addition of a vanilla tasting syrup.  This salad will not disappoint.  Is there a special way you like to adorn your fruit … Continue reading

Fruity Cranberry Chutney

I love cranberries.  I could eat them year around.  Growing up, the grade school I attended always had a turkey supper fundraiser.  Each table would be set with about 2 ounces of cranberry sauce for a table of six or eight.  Even as a child, I thought that was ridiculous.  I could eat more than 2 ounces myself!    Cranberries are good for your urinary tract system, can help prevent plaque buildup in your blood vessels, have a lot of vitamins, prevent plaque buildup on your teeth, and potentially fight numerous illnesses and conditions. (Source) Making your own cranberry sauce … Continue reading

Must Have Pasta Salad

When I think of pasta salad I think “hot summer lunch.” But it does not have to be hot or be summer to enjoy a pasta salad. And it does not have to be lunch. It could be a side dish or salad to a meal. It could even be a snack. Pasta salads are a great way to get in some raw vegetables. And you do not really have to follow a recipe. Use whatever vegetables you want or have on hand. And all you need is a little dressing to pour over top. Or you can even make you … Continue reading

Dairy Free, Egg Free, Soy Free Chicken Salad

Do you need a quick meal? How about a chicken salad sandwich?  It is fast, easy, and delicious when you use Earth Balance Mindful Mayo-Original (remember it is dairy, egg and soy free-see review.)  Use up leftover chicken, or you can quickly grill or even microwave chicken if you have to.  Or go ahead and use canned chicken. Add the Mindful Mayo to cut up chicken, some crunchy celery, a little onion and just like that…a quick meal when you add a vegetable, salad or chips.  Place on gluten free bread if needed (not pictured here) and chow down a meal … Continue reading

Raspberry Spinach Salad

I know that for many people, when they hear “spinach” they think either “yuck” or “Popeye,” and “makes you strong.”  Well, if you are eating canned or frozen spinach I can see where the “yuck” might factor in.  But by buying fresh spinach you can toss that excuse out the window.  And let’s clear up the whole Popeye thing.    Yes, spinach is good for you which we’ll get to in a little bit.  But I think the whole “Popeye/strong” thing probably started with folklore as I found out when I did a little research.  You see, it is often thought that spinach … Continue reading

Fresh Tomato Salad

Tomatos or tomatoes. However you spell it, it seems like people either love them or hate them.  I fall into the category of loving tomatoes.  And while they are technically a fruit, they are often classified as a vegetable.  I use them often and in a wide variety of ways.  As you follow this blog you will find this to be true. Tomatoes are worth liking to me.  They are chuck full of  vitamin C, A and dietary fiber.  Lycopene is also found in tomatoes which has been shown to be particularly good for men’s health. This is the time of year when fresh tomatoes are in season and can easily … Continue reading

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