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Russian Cranberry Chicken

Slow cooker meal ahead!  A fast and easy dish for the working mom/dad, whether working in the workplace or in the home.  Every mom/dad needs an easy meal now and again; this meal is for you. Typically, I tend to stay away from meals that use foods containing high fructose corn syrup, but this meal is an exception.  Unfortunately, it does contain soy too.  Boo!  However, you can make it healthier by making your own cranberry sauce and own dressing, but then you lose the fast and easy aspect of this meal.   This chicken dish uses Russian dressing.  I … Continue reading

Mushroom Chicken and Rice – A Crockpot Meal

I love my crockpot.  If you do not have one, you need one!  And if you have one and never use it, you are missing out.  There is no need to buy a fancy one.  One with simply a low and high setting is all you really need.  I have one that is called “smart” because you can set it for a certain amount of hours and then it will turn itself off, but I never use that. The great thing about crockpots is that it makes meal making so easy.  The recipes are often delicious.  If you are doing your … Continue reading

Simple Taco Casserole

Do you like Mexican food?  How about casseroles?  How about a Mexican food casserole?  Today I bring you a casserole that is easily made allergy friendly.  So this is a recipe for anyone!  Make it the original way or make it the allergy friendly way!    I adapted this from Betty Crocker’s Cookbook using Wayfare dairy and soy free sour cream and Daiya Cheddar Style Shreds for the cheese. If you can tolerate milk products, go ahead and use them. This is a simple dish to put together and can go from counter top to table top in about 40 minutes! … Continue reading

Chicken Pot Pie

Chicken Pot Pie.  Nothing says down home, comfort food like a pot pie.  And you can have it too!  Yep, that is right!  Even with food allergies one can enjoy this one dish meal.  Now it is a bit more work than buying a Marie Callender’s, but it is also way healthier!  Plus I think it is fun to make a pot pie and see the delight on the family faces at dinner time.  There is just something about a pot pie that makes people smile! My recipe for this pot pie was given to me by a friend when … Continue reading

Jerk Chicken Rice and Beans

You may see this title and write this off as a recipe you may not want to try.  I encourage you to not do that.  You will be missing out on an easy and quick meal.  You may hesitate to try something spicy, but you can adjust the seasonings to your liking.  It is always a good thing to try new things…expand your horizons and taste buds.  Adding spice to your meal may add spice to your life…maybe get you out of a food rut. Now you may be thinking, “Well, I have kids, they wouldn’t touch this with a 10 foot … Continue reading

Baked Lemon Chicken

Are you gluten free and think you can’t have a crunchy oven cooked chicken breast because you can’t use bread crumbs?  Allergic to eggs and think that same chicken breast is off limits because eggs are what are usually used to make crumbs stick to chicken? Well, think again.  You can have your crunchy oven cooked chicken breast without gluten and without egg! A simple substitution of corn flakes (check the box to make sure it is gluten free) is the perfect choice to make this dish gluten free.  Pat your chicken breasts dry with a paper towel and you do … Continue reading

Chili-Italian Style And Allergy Friendly

With the wind blowing, leaves turning color (although drably), the endless drop of acorns, and the cool temps, nothing beats chili for supper on a night like today.  There are endless versions of chili…ones with ground beef, with beans or without, with pasta or not, white chilis (think chicken), vegetarian and probably many more.  Today I bring you a chili with a different twist yet. Adapted from my Taste of Home’s 2007 Contest Winning cookbook, this chili is reminiscent of Italian foods using Italian sausage, spaghetti sauce, and pepperoni to name just a few ingredients.  This will warm you up … Continue reading

Fast and Easy Turkey Burger

Do you need a quick weeknight meal?  Something easy to put together and that requires few ingredients?  Today’s recipe is just that.   In fact, it is so easy; one can hardly call it a recipe. Today’s meal idea is made from ground turkey. It does lend a different taste than beef, but it is only slightly healthier than ground beef.  I had always assumed it had less fat than beef, but when I did some research I found out that ground turkey has only slightly less fat than beef.  But one thing I found out that surprised me was that ground … Continue reading

Dairy Free, Egg Free, Soy Free Chicken Salad

Do you need a quick meal? How about a chicken salad sandwich?  It is fast, easy, and delicious when you use Earth Balance Mindful Mayo-Original (remember it is dairy, egg and soy free-see review.)  Use up leftover chicken, or you can quickly grill or even microwave chicken if you have to.  Or go ahead and use canned chicken. Add the Mindful Mayo to cut up chicken, some crunchy celery, a little onion and just like that…a quick meal when you add a vegetable, salad or chips.  Place on gluten free bread if needed (not pictured here) and chow down a meal … Continue reading

Chicken a la King

When I first gave up dairy products, I thought I was giving up all things creamy or saucy.  It turns out that doesn’t have to be true.  But truthfully, after being dairy free for a while, one sort of loses that “desire” to have something creamy. Chicken a la King is an easy recipe that is easily adapted to be allergy free and it so happens it will give you that creamy consistency. Chicken a la King is known as a one dish meal consisting of chicken, mushrooms, pimentos and pepper served over rice or toast. But I wanted to know why … Continue reading

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