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Nutty Chocolate Pudding

Who wants a chocolate dessert that is creamy, satisfying and allergy friendly? This quick-to-make dessert is sure to please even the finickiest of eaters and is gluten free, egg free, milk free, soy free, and corn free. Please do not be scared off by the avocado in it.  You really can’t taste it, but it adds such creaminess and richness!  Avocados are also a good source of good-for-you fats.  Yes, fat is not the enemy here! Make your own cashew butter (see how here) to keep the dessert cleaner; less sugar and additives! Enjoy this right away or chill it.  … Continue reading

Mostly Vegetable Smoothie

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything.  I’ve just been making the same ole things over and over. But with the advent of spring, warmer temps, budding trees, I’ve felt the desire to start making new things in the kitchen again. So, with that, I give you this mostly vegetable smoothie. It’s a perfect way to “detox” from all the heavy winter foods. This is one of those recipes where I just dumped ingredients in and took good notes.  And it turned out great! You need a high speed blender to get a really smooth texture for this surprisingly delicious … Continue reading

Blueberry Banana Smoothie

If you are a fan of food blogs, I’m sure you heard mention of high-speed or high-powered blenders such as Vitamix, Ninja, or Blendtec by now. I’ve finally joined the ranks and I am not looking back! Never will I go back to a standard blender again! My high-speed/powered blender can obliterate anything! In mere seconds. Take this blueberry smoothie for instance. (Yes, the picture isn’t great….I had to take a picture of leftovers and before it got gobbled up). In a regular blender, blueberries do not get completely pureed and you are left with chunks of blueberry stuck in … Continue reading

Broiled Grapefruit

Broiling fruit sounds crazy, I know. But with a grapefruit it is wonderful. I receive a lot of free health magazines from this cute little shop I hit up once in a while. I saw an “advertisement” in one about broiling grapefruit. I finally got around to trying it. I like grapefruit just cut open and scooped out. I never even put sugar on it. But for people who maybe don’t like the sourness of grapefruit, this is the way to go. Broiling the grapefruit makes it warm, extra juicy, and far less “sour.” It does not even take that … Continue reading

Make Your Own Cherry Pie Filling

Part of eating “free” is making your own food, a lot. And we’re better for it…less chemicals, preservatives, food dyes, fake sweeteners, and high fructose corn syrup, what have you. So today it’s another “make your own post.” Enter: cherry pie filling. I did not use this to make a pie, so I’m not sure how it works in that application. However, I used this pie filling in a salad/dessert type dish. And it worked wonderfully. I love it because it’s easy and free of the bad stuff. I adapted it from Carol Fenster’s Cooking Free cookbook to be refined … Continue reading

Fall Fruit Sauce

I made Savory Squash Soup yesterday and it was delish. If you have not tried it yet, by all means….go, print out the recipe. You will love the soup even if you are not a big squash person. And as always, when I cooked the squash for the soup I had leftovers. I actually plan it that way. I buy a bigger squash so that I will have leftover squash. I was going to make Not Your Mama’s Chocolate Shake, but I didn’t have ripe bananas. Don’t you hate it when you want to make something, only to find out … Continue reading

Rhubarb Sauce – Refined Sugar Free

Rhubarb! You either love it or hate! At least that’s what I’m guessing. I’m of the love it group! Did you know it is actually a vegetable? I think people do not realize that because it is used in desserts, jams and sauces—typically applications for fruit. Now it’s hard to come by where I live and beggars can’t be choosers, so I had to settle for the green variety even though the red is so much prettier. They taste the same though. Often found in crisps and pies, I love rhubarb as a sauce…like applesauce. Unfortunately, rhubarb needs a lot … Continue reading

Fun Finds Friday – Lemony Avocado Pudding

I love how avocados make this delicious Creamy Dreamy Chocolate Peppermint Mousse.  It remains a favorite of mine.  And then there is this Purple Pudding made with avocados too.  So I went looking for other avocado desserts and found this Lemony Avocado Pudding.   Truth be told, I do not really care for this, and usually I don’t post things I do not like. However, it is a FAVORITE of my Kindergartner.  Since it’s child-loved I thought it was worth posting for this Fun Finds Friday. You can find the recipe here. (I skip the pistachios).

Sugar Free and Unrefined Sugar Cranberry Sauce

Oh how I love cranberry sauce; especially around the holidays!  But since I kicked refined sugars out the door I had to come up with a sugar free or unrefined sugar way to cook it.     The first time I cooked it completely sugar free was with xylitol, a natural occurring sugar alcohol which has a low glycemic index because it is slowly digested.  Xylitol does not promote tooth decay and is fine to consume if you deal with candida overgrowth.  Although we loved it made completely with xylitol (it tasted like the “real” thing), I know that xylitol is … Continue reading

Banana Nut Pancakes With Thick Sugar Free Blueberry Topping – Gluten Free and Vegan With Nut Free Option

I don’t know about you, but I seem to get overrun with overripe bananas.  My freezer door is full of them.  So I created this Banana Nut Pancake With Thick Sugar Free Blueberry Topping.  (This recipe can easily be made without the nuts).  They are so good, I only ever had one (or none) pancake leftover to take a picture of.    These are easy to make, and are gluten free, milk free, egg free, soy free and refined sugar free.  Free of all those things, but not good taste!  Anyone who would taste these would NEVER know any different. … Continue reading

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