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Smoky Black Bean Dip

I love raw veggies and hummus and vegetable dips!  There is always something in the fridge to dip into. Now it’s time for a new twist! Introducing Smoky Black Bean Dip.  It’s just like hummus, only hummus is technically only made with chickpeas. This is really good with raw veggies and even tortilla chips.  Sometimes it comes out looking brown and sometimes it almost looks purple…which is fun and makes it more desirable to kids. You may be interested in these other dips: Creamy Vegan Dip Hummus Cheese-like Dip Garlic Lover’s Hummus Creamy Veggie Dip Southwestern Dip Chive and Bacon … Continue reading

Make Your Own Almond Butter

Making your own almond butter is as simple as 1-2-3! Seriously, this isn’t even a recipe. Throw some almonds in a food processor, turn it on, and in about 5 minutes you have almond butter. Smooth, creamy, and only one ingredient. No oils, no sweeteners, (none needed, really), good for you almond butter. I had been buying oven roasted almonds at Aldi assuming they were cheapest there. It turns out that Trader Joe’s oven roasted almonds are 8 cents an ounce cheaper than Aldi. Go figure. Then I checked Sam’s Club and, yes, per ounce, they are 5 cents cheaper … Continue reading

Mylan, Disney, Grilling Marinade and 3 Dip Recipes

I have some exciting news to share! But first, let me tell you about Mylan and Disney. Well, everyone knows about Disney! Mickey Mouse, theme parks, you know. Mylan is a pharmaceutical company; creators of the Epi-Pen. Mylan and Disney have formed an alliance to make Disney parks and cruise ships just a little more allergy friendly. For those with life threatening food allergies, taking any sort of trip is scary and carrying an Epi-Pen Auto Injector to treat potential anaphylaxis is a must! With this alliance in place, starting at the end of 2014, there are now Epi-Pen locations … Continue reading

Garlic Lover’s Hummus

I love garlic. I use it in a lot of dishes. Today I made a Garlic Lover’s Hummus. Garlic is an herb with endless health properties. It’s good for the heart, blood pressure, keeping cholesterol in check, is an anti-fungal, may reduce the chance of developing Alzheimer’s and much, much more. Better yet, it makes food DELICIOUS! If you do not care for lots of garlic, then you may be interested in this hummus recipe. Also shared at Allergy Free Wednesday. Real Food Wednesday. Garlic Lover’s Hummus From: Peggy of Allergy Free Test Kitchen Ingredients: 1 can chickpeas, rinsed and … Continue reading

“Cheese” Like Dip/Sauce

I do not miss dairy products. Oh, I did at first, but after four years of dairy free living, I do not miss it one bit. That is saying a lot from someone who used to consume milk, cheese and/or yogurt multiple times a day! That being said, I did try and make a cheese-like sauce. Not because I was craving cheese or a similar substitute, but rather I wanted something other than hummus to dip raw vegetables in. This recipe is one I found several years ago and never got around to trying until now. My version came out … Continue reading

Hummus and Trader Joe’s Lentil Chips

Do you need a great dip for New Year’s Eve?  Try hummus!  I know, it’s a “weird” food to some people.  But don’t be scared off.  After I fiddled with several different recipes I came up with a great one.  And I only put recipes on this blog that work and taste great!   Hummus goes well with raw veggies such as broccoli and carrots.  It’s also a great dip for chips.  The chips pictured here are Trader Joe’s Lentil Chips.   These chips are crazy spicy!  You actually need the hummus to tone down the spice.  Alone, I can’t … Continue reading

How To Make Cashew Butter – A How To Photo Tutorial

Have you ever made your own nut butter?  I have made this chocolate spread and this one, but not just straight nut butter.  Until now.  And have I been missing out!  And so are you if you haven’t tried it. Making cashew butter was so easy and it so delicious!  And what’s better?  It only has ONE, that’s right, ONE ingredient.  That’s healthy folks.  No added oils, sugars, emulsifiers, and other food-like stuff.    Granted, you do need one piece of equipment and that is a high powered food processor.  If you do not have one yet and think you … Continue reading

“Nutella Like” Chocolate Spread

Move over Nutella.  Welcome a newer, healthier version. Actually I made a chocolate spread before.  You can read about it here.  It’s made with sunflower seeds so it is the best option for people with tree nut allergies.  But I can eat pecans so I tend to make this one more frequently than the sunflower seed one.  I think this is a bit creamier. It goes well on toast, rice cakes, celery and straight out of the container.  Eat it however you want! Also shared at Make Your Own Monday, Melt In Your Mouth Monday, Allergy Free Wednesday and Wellness Weekend. … Continue reading

Red Pretzel Dip

Red pretzel/cracker dip is a good addition for your holiday gathering or party.  This is a bit different.  I like it okay, but it’s not one I would eat a lot of or often.  But it does go well with regular or gluten free pretzels and really dresses up boring gluten free rice crackers.  It seems like a good dish to bring someplace where there will be a lot of people and the food is on a buffet.  I adapted this recipe from one I found on Yummly when I was trying to use up rice crackers and pretzels. This dip is … Continue reading

Why You Should Make Your Own Caramel Dip and How To Photo Tutorial

Caramel dip with apples is an autumn treat that the milk allergic cannot enjoy.  Store bought caramel dip is loaded with milk, butter, cream and the like.  But I have come up with five reasons that everyone, regardless of allergies or not, should make their own caramel dip. It is easy to make. It has only 3 ingredients. The store bought kind has 17 (I counted them at the store yesterday) ingredients. This same store bought kind is loaded with high fructose corn syrup and other unpronounceable ingredients. The homemade variety is free of any refined sugar. I found this recipe … Continue reading

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