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Chocolate Date Balls

Chocolate! Give me chocolate! Who doesn’t love a chocolate treat now and then? These raw chocolate date balls are the perfect way to enjoy chocolate. No added sugar! All sweetness comes from dates. Medjool dates work best because they are so, so naturally sweet and creamy! Regular dates work also! No matter what kind of date you purchase, they can be either hard to find or expensive. So I usually opt to make these around Christmas time. They may not be a “typical” holiday treat, but they do work wonderfully at this time. To me, they are guilt free indulgence! … Continue reading

Cashew and Coconut Raw Cookie Balls

You know how it goes…you want a snack…don’t have one on hand. Sigh. You don’t want to measure a bunch of ingredients, nor do you want to take the time to bake them. What can you do? Make these raw cookie balls! In mere minutes. Just a teeny tiny bit of work and next thing you know….. You’ll be noshing on a treat so good you can’t stop with just one. Seriously….these are dangerous. Some cashew butter (try homemade!), coconut, and a few other simple ingredients and next thing you know, you’ve satisfied your sweet tooth. Also shared at Allergy … Continue reading

Fun Finds Friday – White Chocolate Chip Fudge

Welcome to the last Fun Find Friday of 2013! I found a last minute Christmas treat for you to make.  It’s easy, tasty, gluten free and allergy free.  But NO ONE would know!  Seriously, I brought some of this White Chocolate Chip Fudge (I renamed it) to a Christmas gathering and NO ONE KNEW what was in it and no one could guess either!   And it was a hit!  I came home with an empty plate.   I will say this….coconut is not the secret ingredient, but it does taste like coconut.  So if you are totally averse to coconut … Continue reading

Chocolate and Peppermint Rice Crispy Treats

Every year at this time, peppermint marshmallows start gracing the grocery store shelves.  Last year, after the Christmas holiday, they went on clearance and my husband thought we needed some.  Jumbo ones! Although we did eat some by themselves while playing games with friends on New Year’s Eve, they really are not that great to just chow down.  So I came up with this recipe to use up the bag, and I have been waiting to post this for almost a year! These make a simple and easy Christmas treat.  Maybe you don’t like to bake much or maybe you have … Continue reading

Awesome Allergy Free Fudge

Have I got a treat for you! Dairy free fudge!  Yep, that is right, and without soy too!  Not to mention the other allergens.  (It does contain coconut which is not a tree nut, but if that is a problem for you, this may not be for you).   Enjoy Life, the company that sells allergy free chocolate chips and many other snacks and goodies, is having a recipe contest.  I made this fudge to enter into the contest.  It was inspired by an “old” fudge recipe, but that fudge was loaded with bad for you ingredients…well at least a lot of different allergens.  … Continue reading

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