“Cheese” Like Dip/Sauce

I do not miss dairy products. Oh, I did at first, but after four years of dairy free living, I do not miss it one bit. That is saying a lot from someone who used to consume milk, cheese and/or yogurt multiple times a day!

That being said, I did try and make a cheese-like sauce. Not because I was craving cheese or a similar substitute, but rather I wanted something other than hummus to dip raw vegetables in.

Blog-Cheese Like Dip

This recipe is one I found several years ago and never got around to trying until now. My version came out thick and sort of chunky. I’m guessing that happened because I do not have a Vitamix and used a food processor instead. If you have a high powered blender, you may get a more creamy, sauce-like texture.

To me this does not taste like cheese. It doesn’t taste like cashews either, but somewhere in between. Maybe? It is difficult to describe. Somehow it was good enough to keep going back to. It did get eaten up, which means something. If it had been less than good, it would have sat in the fridge for days and eventually gotten thrown out. Will I make it again? Maybe, but certainly not often.

But I wanted to share my (Fun Finds Friday) finding because I know there are people who really like cheese substitutes and would go gaga over it.

You can find the recipe here.

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One Response to “Cheese” Like Dip/Sauce

  1. Airyfairycelt says:

    Oh cheesy?
    The bane of my life, the hardest things for me are cheese and yoghurt!
    Any simple and quick, machines to help arthritics always more than welcome around these parts!

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