Happy Anniversary, Update on AFTK, and What’s Coming Soon

So today marks TWO years since I posted my first article/recipe.  Happy Anniversary or Happy Birthday, whatever you want to call it, to me a/k/a Allergy Free Test Kitchen!  It  has been fun.  I hope you have found this blog helpful, encouraging and yummy!

So, the summer has been crazy and I feel I haven’t posted as much as I have in the past.  Just when I thought things would settle down with the start of school and all, I have computer issues.  Computer issues are never fun, but when you write a blog having a working computer is kind of necessary!  Less than three weeks ago, I bought a new computer, only to be met with frustration.  Somehow, I was the lucky one that “bought a lemon.”  So, now, I have to either wait for it to be fixed or replaced and I have no idea how long that will take.  Hopefully not long.

But here are some things I have planned for you to look forward to:

Protein Breakfast Bars, Cole Slaw with Strawberry Dijon Dressing, Jello Salad/Dessert (yet to be named), Grain Free Sugar Free Chocolate Chip Cookies.   I would add pictures for a tease, but alas…my pictures on are on my new malfunctioning computer.

I do have even more things in the works that you will not want to miss hearing about, so if you haven’t yet done so, why not subscribe so as to not miss a post in the future!?

Anyway, feel free to search the categories on the right for recipes you may have missed over the last two years.  And I hope to be back in a week or two (at the most).

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2 Responses to Happy Anniversary, Update on AFTK, and What’s Coming Soon

  1. Kendra says:

    Looking foward to new recipes!

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