10 Office Supplies Every (Allergy Free) Kitchen Needs

The following post first appeared on the blog My Life With Food Allergies where I am a contributor.

If you have food allergies chances are you are cooking a lot. I found that there are ten office supplies I use frequently in my kitchen.

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1. Three ring binders. These are perfect for storing all the recipes you print off of the internet.

2. Three ring binder dividers. These are the dividers with tabs sticking out. I use these to divide my binders into sections such as “main dishes,” “desserts,” etc. Buy more than you think you’ll need. It is easier to find the recipes back when you want them if you are really organized.

3. Three whole punch. This is for making holes in your print-outs so that your three ring binder is nice and neat and pages turn well.

4. Masking tape. I use this to label containers as I freeze a lot of food. Write what is in the container and the date you are freezing it on the tape.

5. Sharpie permanent marker. I use this to write on my masking tape; regular pens don’t work well. I also use a Sharpie to write on my dairy free milk containers that I do not use as frequently. Dairy free milks need to be used up within 7-10 days of opening. For instance, I do not use hemp milk every day. When I do use it, I count out 10 days and write that date on the container to use it by. Otherwise I find I can’t remember when I opened it and whether or not it is still good to consume.

6. Black binder clips. The whole top shelf of my freezer on my refrigerator is little bags of different gluten free flours, starches and gums. I find that these little black binder clips are perfect for keeping these little bags closed. Nothing is worse than opening your freezer to have an expensive bag of flour fall out and spill all over. No more spills with black binder clips.

7. Post-it notes. I use these to tab pages in cookbooks or binders of recipes I want to try. It makes them easier to find.

8. Pens. I take notes on the all the recipes I use in cookbooks or ones I create. I write the date I first tried the recipe and write down any changes that need to be made such as a lower oven temperature, less or more spice etc. I also rate it such as “excellent,” “very good,” “good,” “okay,” or “bad, never make again.”

9. Rubber bands. I use these to seal opened bags of frozen vegetables and frozen fruits.

10. Notebooks. I write out meal plans in my notebook. I list the day, such as Friday, and write what is for breakfast, lunch and supper and sometimes snacks. I plan meals on Thursdays for Friday thru Thursday. (I grocery shop on Fridays).

How do you organize your kitchen?

Also shared at Allergy Free Wednesday.

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2 Responses to 10 Office Supplies Every (Allergy Free) Kitchen Needs

  1. Great list! I have just about all of these and use them frequently. I just have to get better about closing my frozen veggie (which we use daily!) with a rubber band. My veggie drawer is currently a mess!

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