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I found the movie Food, Inc. at the library. I checked it out because I love learning about food and related topics. I also thought it would make for an interesting blog post. It was about a year ago that I actually watched this movie and wrote this immediately following. I’m just now posting it. I realize it’s an “old” movie, but it is still very applicable.

 Food, Inc. (2008) Poster

Food, Inc., A Robert Kenner Film, is a must see movie for every American whether they are a “foodie” or not. Entertainment Weekly says, “More than a terrific movie-it’s an important movie.” The San Francisco Examiner calls it “one of the year’s most important films.” And the Washington Post adds, “Everyone should see Food, Inc.”

This movie is highly interesting. There is not a dull moment and the time went very fast. It is well put together and has some clever credits at the beginning of the movie. Do not write this off because it is a documentary. It is fascinating even for the most reluctant viewer.

It is my opinion that the average American has no clue where their food comes from, or even gives it a second thought.   Many probably do not care. However, I believe people should know, should care. It is my opinion that healthy food can be powerful “medicine.” Could it be that our nation would not be in the obesity health crisis if people knew what kinds of food they are consuming and where it comes from? It’s worth looking into.

Food, Inc. takes a hard look at the food industry in America and exposes some disturbing facts about our food supply. In this film you will learn that just a few large corporations control the food industry taking the farmer and his livelihood out of the picture. You will learn of one corporation that has a monopoly on the soybean crop. And these are genetically modified soybeans. You will see how this corporation has hurt the farmer and in my opinion, our health, because genetically modified food is not as healthy as non-GMO food.

In this film you will learn the truth about how chickens are grown and how the farmers are treated, paid, and controlled by just a few corporations. After viewing this you may want to seriously consider buying organic chickens.

You will learn about the corn crops in America and how corn is engineered to be in almost every food product on the grocery shelves and how this impacts our nation’s health.

This movie examines beef production and how the cattle are raised and fed. You will see how cattle are being fed grains that they are not meant to consume simply to “beef up” (pardon the pun) the cows and therefore production.   This greatly impacts meat quality, in addition raises the chances of E Coli and other food borne illnesses. You will hear a touching story of a young mom and how grain fed cattle impacted her toddler son and changed their lives forever. You will see how inhumanely these animals are treated. Once again, you may want to consider searching out farmers or co-ops that sell grass fed beef. I know I will be. (Update since original writing…we bought a hind quarter of a grass fed cow with a friend).

Food, Inc. examines pork production and its roll in illegal immigration and how corporations are not being held responsible as they should be.

Besides the young mother mentioned above, you will met a chicken farmer who was brave enough to be in this film and suffered consequences because her willingness to buck the system. You will meet an older gentlemen whose livelihood and friendships suffered due to a large corporation’s patent and overtake of a certain crop. You will also meet a passionate farmer who produces cattle, pigs and chickens the kind and healthier way.

While this film touches on an organic yogurt company, it really does not examine the dairy industry. Neither does it cover the wheat industry. I would be very interested to see something about these industries.

Rent your copy of Food, Inc. from the library, Netflix, Red Box, Blockbuster or for free on Amazon if you are an Amazon Prime Member. This film will appall you. It will energize you. It will open your eyes. It will change the way you think about food, animals, farmers and corporations. This film will pull your heartstrings.

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