Allergic Living Magazine Spring 2014

The Spring 2014 Allergic Living Magazine is a fascinating read.  I’ve already received mine and read it cover to cover.  I really enjoyed the Milk Allergy At School article.  The author of the article, Alisa Fleming, notes that “reducing the presence of milk is controversial; it’s one of the most revered and protected foods in the American diet.” I find that sadly true.

Another fascinating read was all about dust mites.  Did you know that they are not insects, but rather arachnids and a cousin to spiders? Dust mites are one of my worst allergens and some of the information was, while interesting, well, gross!

You can also find some great gluten free and allergy friendly recipes.  If you are interested in a subscription you can go here.  While I am not paid for this promotion, I do receive a free subscription.

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