An Allergy Friendly Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is coming soon.  It doesn’t have to be a scary time if you have food allergies. You can still have a great meal. Here are some ideas to go with your turkey or ham to dress your table and nourish your soul.

Instead of the traditional green bean casserole, try this recipe for Apricot Glazed Green Beans.  

Blog-Apricot Beans2

You can make mashed potatoes with hemp milk to get the oft desired creamy side dish.  Or you could make this Mashed Potato Bake.  

Blog-Mashed Potato Bake

For a great gluten free and allergy friendly biscuit you could make Mashed Potato Biscuits, or these Gluten Free Yeast Free Dinner Rolls.

Blog Dinner Rolls1

For a sweet potato dish without marshmallows why not try this recipe for Sweet Potatos and Cranberries.

Blog-Sweet Potato Cran

Let’s not forgot cranberry sauce.  This Fruity Cranberry Chutney will get rave reviews.

Blog-Cranberry Chutney

A leafy green salad is a great addition to Thanksgiving Dinner.  How about this Leafy Greens and Fruit Salad?

Blog-Greens and Fruit Salad

While looking through my posts I realized, much to my chagrin, that I do not have any typical Thanksgiving desserts on the blog.  But if you are looking for something easy, delicious and free of refined sugar you can try this Naturally Sweetened Blueberry Crisp.

Blog-Blueberry Crisp

What are your dinner plans?  I’d like to know!

Also, all these recipes would make for a good Christmas Dinner as well!  Happy Feasting!

Also shared at Slightly Indulgent Tuesday . Allergy Free Wednesday .

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9 Responses to An Allergy Friendly Thanksgiving Dinner

  1. Kendra says:

    Smart girl!

  2. Jessie says:

    Yum! What’s your turkey recipe?

    • admin says:

      Hi Jessie, Haven’t “heard” from you on the blog lately. Glad to know you are still reading. I don’t really have a turkey recipe. I just wash it off and out, slather it with melted “butter” and baste every 30 minutes with chicken broth.

  3. Jessie says:

    Yep I still read your blog and make things all the time from your repertoire!

    Thanks for sharing how you make the turkey. I’ve only made one once before and it wasn’t too good but I’m trying again!

  4. Jessie says:

    Oh and we are trying to go gluten free as we’ve been reading so much about how horrible it for all humans. Just like the whole soy thing too.
    I’m finding it hard to remove gluten but am convinced we will be better without it.

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