Good And Easy Eats by Kim Wilson

Kim Wilson, author of the e-book Good and Easy Eats, sent me a copy of her book to review.   

My first impression was that this would be a great book for the beginner cook.  This e-book contains many helpful tips from how to stock a kitchen and pantry to how to peel an onion or cook beans as well as lot of other basic information about wholesome eating.

Good and Easy Eats contains breakfast and lunch ideas as well as dinner ideas divided into categories of American, Asian, Mexican and Italian fare.  Soup and potato recipes are included as well as snacks and baked goods.  All told, there are 70 recipes.

While the recipes are free of gluten and other food allergens, the book does not come off as an allergy free book, but rather a healthy, whole food eating cookbook.  This e-book is good for anyone who wants to eat healthier and more whole foods.

I have not had the chance to try any of the recipes yet, but I have read the entire e-book.  My impression is that they are indeed easy recipes.  I have noticed that her baked good section contains things such as gluten free muffins and biscuits that do not contain any starches or binders.  I am curious to find out how she makes that work.

If you purchase Good and Easy Eats you will also have access to Kim’s menu planning system, a podcast of her Introduction to Wholesome Eating Class and more.

You can find the Good and Easy Eats e-book here.  You can find out more about Kim and her other books here.

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