Full Flavor Foods, LLC – Gluten and Casein Free Gravy Mix – Product Review

Are you looking for a gluten free powdered gravy mix?  How about one without milk?

I found this (gluten and casein free) gravy mix at my local grocery.  You can find it on Amazon here.

 Blog-Gravy Mix

I am putting this out here as a resource for you as I know how difficult it is to find milk free or gluten free (or both) mixes. The company that makes this is Full Flavor Foods…it’s hard to tell from the packaging.  They make Beef, Chicken, Pork, and Turkey flavors.  They are all soy free too, with the exception of the beef flavor.  (Remember, always read labels for yourself!)

I have not used this to make gravy.  But I have used the turkey packet in a slow cooker dish that called for powdered gravy mix.  In that application it worked very well.

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3 Responses to Full Flavor Foods, LLC – Gluten and Casein Free Gravy Mix – Product Review

  1. But “yeast extract” is MSG and “spices” can be, too. 🙁

    • Paul Swanson says:

      Hello Elizabeth,

      YEAST EXTRACT is NOT MSG! And, if a product contains “spices, ” more information is needed. You need to be careful when making false claims. Know your facts!!!

      MSG can certainly come from a variety of sources but those sources are often NOT the same as MSG and they will not have the effects of MSG. In other words they are completely safe for someone avoiding MSG! Many products actually contain glutamates and yet still not be MSG!

      FACT: Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein (HVP) is NOT MSG. But, it does contain Glutamic Acid (G.A.) ie. “Free” GA vs. “Bound” GA. Glutamic Acid (GA), is one of the 24 building blocks that make up every kind of food protein. GA is in every protein (all Meat, Fish, Vegetables etc.) A Human Being even has about 4 lbs. in his/her own body! MSG is derived from FREE Glutamic Acid. It is the processing (fermentation) of the G.A., which makes it FREE GLUTAMIC ACID and this becomes MSG. However, before fermentation, Glutamic Acid is BOUND, and therefore it has not become MSG. Products which contain unfermented GA are safe.

      So, your earlier ‘blanket” statement is dangerous to those who need accurate information. PLEASE please Read on…

      Did you know Brewer’s Yeast is a product cultured with microorganisms (similar to cheese processing.) It is natural and pure. It is NOT MSG and it does NOT contain gluten!

      ALSO… here is a direct statement (published in 2008) from the WHOLE FOODS blog website regarding MSG: “A number of consumer groups have claimed that certain food ingredients, such as autolyzed yeast and hydrolyzed protein, are MSG in disguise. They are not. Autolyzed yeast and hydrolyzed proteins, among other ingredients, are completely natural ingredients that happen to be have substantial amounts of glutamates, but nowhere near the concentration found in MSG. While a small subset of people may be sensitive to even these small levels of glutamate, these ingredients are always clearly identified on the labels so that, as with all food sensitivities and allergies, people can be aware of ingredients they’d like to avoid. These are natural ingredients that are definitely of grave concern for people who are sensitive to them, but they are not MSG. We draw a clear line between natural glutamate-containing foods, which we allow, and highly concentrated MSG, which we don’t.”

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