Daiya Cheddar Style Wedge-Product Review

While I am a huge fan of the Daiya Style Shreds, I have not tried their wedge cheeses.  I think because I did not want to fork over a lot of money for something that wasn’t a sure thing.

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But one day, I went into a grocery store that I never go to (I needed bananas) and walked around and saw that they had the Daiya Cheddar Style Wedges on a crazy sale.  For that price I had to try it for myself and for this blog.

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The first impression I had when I opened it was, “looks like Velveeta.”  Now it’s probably been decades since I had Velveeta, but I thought it maybe smelled like it too.  It sliced easily.  I first used it for making a grilled cheese sandwich and it melted great.  It was much easier to make a sandwich with this rather than the shreds.  I also melted some for nachos and it melted well in the microwave, but you do have to watch it carefully.  It was very yummy with tortilla chips.

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Like their shreds, this Daiya Cheddar Style Wedge is gluten, soy, milk and cholesterol free.

All that being said, I was the only family member to like it (and I will not eat it often).  It was reminiscent of a sharp cheddar, while I would “label” the cheddar shreds as mild.  It was also very salty.  Just eating it by popping a piece in my mouth was not good.  I am convinced this stuff is meant to be melted/heated.

So if you like the ease, less messy aspect, sharp taste and do not mind a little extra salt, this would be a good cheddar cheese option for you. 

I have not tried their other flavors of wedge cheese yet.  I am waiting for another great sale!

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