Trader Joe’s Waffles vs. Van’s Natural Foods Waffles-A Comparison/Product Review

I am not one to purchase a lot of premade allergy friendly food.  It is expensive, and often not that healthy.  But I recently found wheat free, egg free waffles at Trader Joe’s and thought I’d try them out. 

They pretty much tasted like Eggo’s at least as best as I could remember.   The nice thing about them is that they are also yeast free and rather bland tasting.  It might be weird to say “bland” is a good thing, but in this case I think it is.  They kind of absorb the flavor you put with them.  That is why we sometimes use them as “sandwich bread.”  When used with maple syrup, they taste like waffles.  But we have also used them with barbecue beef/pork for sandwiches and they sort of absorbed the barbeque sauce taste.  I have also made “grilled cheese” with them and it worked well too.  This is a good option for gluten free people who also cannot have yeast.  I do not recommend doing this often as they are not that healthy…high in starch and low in whole grains.  

Not everyone has access to Trader Joe’s.  Whole Foods, and now a lot of regular supermarkets, carry Van’s Natural Foods Wheat/Gluten Free Waffles.  This brand line carries several flavors.  We have tried these as well and they are similar in taste to Trader Joe’s Waffles. 

So I thought I would bring you a side by side comparison of Van’s Natural Foods Wheat/Gluten Free Waffles and Trader Joe’s Wheat Free Toaster Waffles.  I chose Van’s “Flax” variety because when reading the ingredient list they were the most similar to Trader Joes.  They both contain several starches as well as gluten free flours, but both use water as their main ingredient as it is listed first.  Here is a chart showing a lot of information if you want to decide between the two. (Or just for fun!)


Trader Joe’s Waffles                                                              Van’s Waffles Flax Flavor

                       Yes                         Gluten Free                                       Yes

                       Yes                         Wheat Free                                        Yes

                       Yes                         Yeast Free                                         Yes

                       Yes                         Dairy Free                                          Yes        

                       Yes                         Egg Free                                            Yes

                       Yes                         Peanut Free                                       Yes

                       Yes                         Tree Nut Free                                    Yes

                       No                          Soy Free                                             No

                       Yes                          Preservative Free                             Yes

                       Yes                          Fruit Juice Sweetened                      Yes

                       Yes                         Cane Sugar                                        No         

                       No                          Use of gums                                       Yes

                       230                        Calories per serving                            230

                       7g                           Total Fat                                              7g

                        g                            Trans Fat                                             0g

                        0g                          Cholesterol                                         0g

                        460mg                    Sodium                                              370mg

                        41g                         Total Carbohydrate                           37g

                        1g                           Dietary Fiber                                      2g

                        5g                           Sugars                                                4g

                        1g                            Protein                                               3g

                        0%                          Vitamin A                                            2%

                        0%                          Vitamin C                                            4%

                        4%                          Calcium                                               4%

                        2%                          Iron                                                      4%         

                        8                             Number of waffles/box                          6



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