Earth Balance Mindful Mayo Original – Product Review

Earth Balance products are a must for those of us on a dairy free, egg free, or soy free diet.  But they would be a healthier alternative for anybody really as it is free of cholesterol and trans fats.  Today I am talking about Earth Balance Mindful Mayo-Original.  This dressing and sandwich spread is really creamy.  It is difficult to describe the taste.  It is not exactly like mayo, nor is it exactly like Miracle Whip.  But it is a little like both.   Free of eggs, dairy, soy and preservatives, it is also non-GMO which means it is not genetically modified.  You can use it anywhere you would normally use mayo and get nearly the same or better results.  I have served food to others using this dressing and no one could even tell a difference.  In fact, I do believe I prefer it to mayo or Miracle Whip.   Over the next few days I will be profiling recipes using this Earth Balance Mindful Mayo Original dressing and spread.  So head out, buy a jar, and keep watch!

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